The Wondrous Katy Perry Perfume_ Purr

The Wondrous Katy Perry Perfume: Purr

The first thing you discover when you unwrap Katy Perry Purr Perfume is the quality of the packaging. The slick, patriarch purple, glass bottle is almost electrical, and glistens like a stained glass window. The design takes the shape of a cat, and the almond shaped jewelled eyes shine. The feline imagery was down to Katy herself. If you didn't already know that Ms Perry is all about seduction, confidence and playfulness, you would by looking at this bottle. This is her first fragrance; and by all accounts she was closely involved with its growth. She captured the essence of her personality in this scent with the help of Firmenich fragrances. As Katy Perry herself says; 'Purr is a natural extension of who I am as a woman'.

There is a lot of humour close to Katy and her Katy Perry perfume line. The advertising poster shows her playing with a large ball of wool. She has a Masquerade model mask resting on her. Her jet stilettos game her hair, she is wearing a pink and purple latex catsuit and you can't take your eyes off her. This is typical of the fashion photographer Miles Aldridge. He has a reputation for vibrant, beautiful, photos of ladies. Occasionally his subjects look like sexy dolls. Always eye-catching, always fabulous, a perfect fit for Perry.

Putting the powerful imagery aside for a while, what of the scent itself? Again Katy Perry Purr Perfume doesn't disappoint. Ladies who know their perfumes (that's most of us), know that a quality fragrance has several 'levels'. When first applied to warm skin, an immediate perfume is given off. After wearing it for a while you observe the background tones. By the end of the day, another 'layer' can be detected as the layers come off.

The immediate tones are ones of fresh citrus. After that, but still in the foreground are the smells of peach nectar and forbidden apple with green bamboo. You imagine you are on a far flung beech, with the tropical forest at the rear of you. As you lay there the background smells of jasmine blossom, pink freesia and Bulgarian rose are carried past you. This delicate bouquet is then well balanced by vanilla orchid, white colored amber, creamy sandalwood and musk.

The best thing about this Katy Perry perfume is that it's a scent you could wear daily. Some of the more potent fragrances on the industry can overwhelm the wearer, but this isn't like that. This is appropriate for a date, wearing to work, special anniversary and cosy nights in. It is also set at the right selling price stage. Additionally, the packaging, design, promotion and the terrific scent itself is unique enough to make it in the modern perfume marketplace. As Katy Perry herself has said; 'There is a amazing world of fragrances out there, but like with my music, I believe there is room for me and my own unique twist on it'. Katy is correct, this perfume is delightful. There are plans to release a body product and bubble bath soon, so keep an eye out for these.