One Great Whole Body Detox Tip_ Dry Skin Brushing

One Great Whole Body Detox Tip: Dry Skin Brushing

Did you know that your body's largest organ, the skin, is responsible for about one fourth of the daily detoxification needs that are required by your entire body? One of the easiest, and most inexpensive, ways you can help your skin do the job it was designed to do by nature, is in learning how to dry brush your skin.

Dry skin brushing is a sort of spa like method that gives its participants numerous health benefits. It is good for people that have dry, flaky, and even normal or oily skin. The many positive effects of dry skin brushing are not widely known, yet its health enhancing protection of your internal health, and overall skin appearance, can make it a pleasant part of your daily, natural health care routine.

When you use the technique of dry brushing, your skin will soon begin to feel much softer, smoother, and free of unsightly dead skin patches, and you will also be able to maintain your skin's natural healthy glow. Using the awesome exfoliation properties of a natural bristled brush, loofah pad or textured wash cloth you will rid your body of dry, dead skin cells, resulting in fresher, cleaner and younger looking skin.

Although picturing a dry brush going over your skin might not sound too pleasant, in actuality, it is a very soothing and relaxing experience, if done properly. This old technique will aid body circulation, letting your body more readily rid itself of excess toxins through your skin. Dry skin brushing stimulates the lymphatic system which begins the detoxification process.

Another great bonus of dry skin brushing is for its ability to minimize the appearance of cellulite on the buttocks and upper thigh area, which is a concern for many women. Even though you cannot completely eliminate skin dimples through dry skin brushing, these problem areas can appear much less noticeable. Stores of toxic fatty tissue are often the culprit behind cellulite, and dry skin brushing helps to rid the body of toxic waste, so it makes sense this would also be a great cellulite fighter and weight loss enhancer.

Something else that people find, is that dry skin brushing helps with boosting their immune system response. Since the body's lymphatic system is stimulated through dry skin brushing, toxins are excreted from the body, resulting in a healthier and more efficient functioning immune system.

Even your muscles can achieve a better tone through dry skin brushing, and it also helps by allowing fat cells to be more adequately spaced within the body. By using the brush in a brisk manner, it will aid in the stimulation of nerve cells, giving you a greater state of mind and body. Dry brushing, in simple terms, stimulates blood flow to the surface of your skin.

There is nothing especially difficult about dry skin brushing; all you have to do is follow these easy steps:

1. Buy yourself a bristle brush that is made of natural fibers, since it is less harsh on the skin than synthetic ones, and won't harm people that have delicate skin.
2. You should dry brush your skin before you enter the shower or bath, since the skin needs to be dry for this procedure to work. This is how dead skin cells and toxins are effectively taken off of the body.
3. When starting the dry skin brushing technique, begin with your feet, brushing them completely and vigorously in a circular motion, then moving upward to the ankles, calves, thighs, tummy, arms, and hands. Be sure you brush towards the heart, using easy strokes on areas of sensitive skin, and stay away from the nipples or face. OUCH!
4. Then you need to get into the shower, so that all of the dead skin cells are washed down the drain with warm water. Use a cold water spritzer at the end to aid in blood circulation, then dry your skin good with a dry towel to help further with circulation. Finish off the process with a natural oil based moisturizer for your skin such as almond, coconut or olive oil. Try to apply something that you would not be afraid to eat.

Be aware that some people have certain health conditions that should not use dry skin brushing. People that have diabetes, high blood pressure, eczema, psoriasis, rashes, skin that is broken, non-healed wounds, or skin infections should avoid this skin and internal health care strategy.

Dry brushing the skin before bathing has been used as a method of whole body cleansing that has been practiced by various cultures throughout recorded history. Turkish bath rituals use a rough cloth mitt, known as a kesa. In ancient Greece and Rome they would use an instrument called a strigiles which was shaped like a curved spoon to scrape the skin before bathing. Ayruvedic practice of garsana massage is a dry massage using a silk or wool glove.

No one likes to look at unsightly patches of dry or flaky skin, particularly when the weather is hot and you want to wear more body revealing clothing. While the ritual of dry skin brushing may seem like a strictly female skin beautifying regimen to most males, I can assure you that men would also reap the long-term health rewards of a good internal body cleansing. But, they will have to purposely choose to give this simple health strategy half a chance.

There really are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to how often a person should dry brush their skin. But like anything else, you must do it often enough to experience any long-term health benefits. Some advocates of this practice claim that you must do it daily. The best rule of thumb, in my opinion, would be to just to plan on doing it every time you expect to bathe or take a shower, now matter how often that may be.

The No-bullshit Guide To Banishing Cellulite

The No-bullshit Guide To Banishing Cellulite

Cellulite. God help us, girls, practically none of us are immune. Apparently 9 out of every 10 women will have it at some point in their life. But what causes it and what can we do about it?

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is just deposits of fat that push against the connective tissue beneath a person's skin, which causes the surface of the skin to dimple or pucker and look lumpy.

Several factors influence whether a person has cellulite and how much they have. Your genes, your gender, the amount of fat on your body, your age, and the thickness of your skin all come into play. Unfortunately, female hormones including oestrogen have a role to play in cellulite's formation, which is why us girls suffer more. It also means that after you've had babies, you're even more likely to have it.

The bad news about cellulite...

There aren't any miracle products, treatments, or medicines that can make it go away. Some fancy salon treatments that promise to get rid of cellulite simply cause your skin to puff up through deep massaging, temporarily reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Treatments like liposuction and mesotherapy (injection of drugs into cellulite) are either expensive, or dangerous or may produce only temporary improvement. Many doctors even warn that liposuction is not an effective treatment for cellulite because liposuction is designed to remove deep fat instead of cellulite, which is close to the skin.

So what's the good news about cellulite?

If you, like me, are cursed with the dreaded orange peel, here's what to do.

Lose weight

Stands to reason, less fat, less cellulite. You can be skinny and still have it, but let's face it, you'll have less!

Drink lots and lots of water

Being adequately hydrated helps your body eliminate toxins.

Stay calm

Stress hormones contribute to the formation of cellulite. Try a relaxation or yoga class.


Improving your circulation will help your body deal with the fatty deposits, and of course if you exercise your muscle tone will improve and you will lose weight, all of which will help.

Dry skin brushing

Get yourself a good brush (The Body Shop does them for under $30), and brush your whole body in long, sweeping strokes, from toes to chin. Aim towards your heart. This will help stimulate your circulation and support your lymph glands to eliminate excess fluid which can make you look lumpier.

Have regular lymphatic drainage massages

These will also help your lymph glands eliminate excess fluid.

Eliminate processed foods and added salt from your diet

Salt causes you to retain water which... well, you get the picture! You'd be amazed how much salt and fat is in pre-packed and processed foods. Stick to brown rice, steamed veggies and lean fish and meat. I like to season my meals with fresh herbs and lemon or lime juice. Yummy.

Juniper berry essential oil

I've made myself a massage oil containing juniper berry, which is a diuretic and stimulates the circulation. You add six drops to 10ml of a carrier oil such as almond oil, and massage into your thighs and tummy daily. Here's the full recipe.

Go to a naturopath for a herbal treatment containing horse chestnut and gotu kola

Both are thought to have powerful anti-cellulite properties. I haven't yet found a skin treatment containing these from a supplier I trust but I'm still looking!

Ditch the coffee and alcohol - or have them only as treats

Both will contribute to those dimply thighs! I've changed to decaf and I'm keeping my alcohol consumption to weekends only.

Love yourself, cellulite and all!

And one last thing... a few dimples on your thighs do not a make you a freak. Most women have cellulite and there's more to life than obsessing over it. So put your bikini on and hit the beach with pride. As Body Shop founder Anita Roddick said, 'There are millions of women who don't look like supermodels, and only eight who do.'

How To Get Rid Of Cellulite Forever - Proven Tips For Toning Those Thighs

How to Get Rid of Cellulite Forever - Proven Tips for Toning Those Thighs

The image of that super sexy model on the cover everytime we read the latest issue of Cosmo magazine is enough to give us a complex. We girls can only sigh as we wonder why we can't ever look as perfect. In that skimpy bikini, she is a vision: All the perfect curves, not a shred of fat, and absolutely no traces of cellulite.

We mere mortals can take solace in the knowledge that the power of airbrushing can certainly do wonders to that picture. But this doesn't remove the harsh reality that our flabby arms look like chicken wings and our butts and thighs have the look of crumpled cottage cheese. Not only do those models on magazine covers (even if they're airbrushed) remind us of our lowly appearance, looking at our unsightly cellulite deposits is enough to drive us to depression.

Cellulite is nothing more than fat cells that have grown to such an extent that they have pushed through the connective tissues of the skin, thus giving it that infamous dimpled "cottage cheese" or "orange peel" look. Like any form of excess fat, this is caused by too many donuts, French fries, hotdogs, quarter pound burgers, soft drinks, sugary sweets, a highly-sedentary lifestyle, and stress. And because this seems to be the way of life these days, it is no wonder that more and more women are experiencing self-esteem issues due to cellulite.

While getting rid of any fat, cellulite included, can be a tough call (particularly if it has been lodged there for a long period of time), this does not mean it can't be removed. You don't have to go through extreme surgical procedures or purchase expensive creams to melt cellulite away. There is no magic pill for weight loss. If someone tells you otherwise, then be on guard.

There are practices, however, that any determined girl can do that have been proven to get rid of cellulite. Take note, however, that these do not promise overnight cures -- no such thing exists. These take hard work, focus and willpower. If you view these practices as a lifestyle rather than a one-shot deal, you'll not only get rid of cellulite, you'll put it away for life.

1. Mind what you eat and drink. Our cellulite problem most often starts here. Junk food, fast food, soda, alcohol, processed foods, too many fatty meats, too much sugar -- all of these contribute to the deposition of fat in our bodies. If you're serious about getting rid of cellulite, you've got to cut back on these things and ensure that fruits and vegetables are in abundance in your diet. Get hydrated by drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water a day.

2. Keep moving. No amount of dieting will ever get rid of cellulite if you don't exercise. Only by breaking a sweat can you make your muscles firm and toned, and consequently make the cellulite less visible. Ride a bike, stretch, do yoga, Pilates, swim, dance, play Frisbee, walk -- all of these activities will certainly go a long way towards getting rid of that fat.

3. Live healthy. Manage your stress. Meditate. Treat cigarettes and alcohol like the plague and excessive partying like a scourge. If you're serious about getting rid of cellulite, you're going to have to avoid these toxins that poison your body and contribute to the formation of cellulite.

How Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba, And Their Trainer Deal With Cellulite!

How Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba, And Their Trainer Deal With Cellulite!

Scandalous Photos and How They Handled It

Both Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba have recently been revealed to have cellulite: Kardashian by photographic evidence and Alba by her own admission! Jessica Alba recently said this during an interview about her recent pregnancy:

"There's something so amazing about having a child. My breasts are saggy, I've got cellulite, my hips are bigger, but I love it."

And after Complex Magazine accidentally posted an un-airbrushed photo on their website revealing her to have a bit of cellulite on her outer thighs and a slightly less-skinny waist than the airbrushed version that later replaced it, Kardashian addressed the matter on her blog by saying:

"So what: I have a little cellulite. What curvy girl doesn't!?"

Jessica Alba and Kim Kardashian might be able to blow it off like it's nothing, but that's because they've got personal trainers and dieticians and plastic surgeons who will make absolutely certain that stuff is gone in very short order! You might not be quite so willing to disregard it, and I understand that. So...what does the trainer to the stars say about how to get rid of cellulite?

How To Get Rid of It...FAST

David Kirsch, personal trainer to Kim Kardashian, Naomi Campbell, and Heidi Klum, has talked about cellulite quite a bit in several interviews recently where he revealed how he keeps top models in top condition, and these are his top 6 tips for losing cellulite within just a few weeks:

1. I know you've heard it before but now you'll here it again from me: drink water. You really have to stay hydrated--it's not that doing so will get rid of cellulite, it's that if you don't do it it'll make it worse.

2. Consider a trip to a detox spa if you can take the weekend off and you can afford it, doing this will help your body get rid of the various waste products that may be causing a lot of your problems.

3. While you're there have them brush your skin with a special brush for treating cellulite (it loosens the connecting tissue in the fat that has gone awry and caused it to bulge out unevenly), the best for this is a Tampico Skin Brush, which is made with natural agave plant fiber. You should also buy one of these for yourself and use it once a day at home, they're not expensive (about $10).

4. Start taking glucosamine supplements, this will help your body repair the skin and connective tissue between the fat that has been damaged.

5. If the cellulite is fairly bad, avoid using any kind of high-pressure massage techniques on it so as to not damage lymphatic function and circulation under the skin.

6. Bathe in a warm seaweed bath about 3 times a week: this will cause your skin to absorb essential minerals and vitamins that it may be missing, which can be responsible for some of the damage--Spa Technologies Sea Cal is the stuff the best spas use and it's what I recommend.

How To Treat Cellulitis

How To Treat Cellulitis

Therefore, now that we know half the world are talking about cellulite, what is it, what causes it, how do you grade it and is there any treatment out there for the condition. For a start, many may be surprised to learn that the term cellulite is not actually a medical term and there is some dispute about the etiology of the condition.

Our skin normally has a number of different bacteria living on it. This is not usually a problem until the skin is broken in some way. What then happens is that the bacteria enters the body in these breaks. Once inside our bodies they cause infections which then result in inflammation. Once this happens, the skin tissue becomes hot and very painful.

Cellulitis foot infection is mainly and commonly caused by Streptococcus beta-hemolytic bacteria such as S. pyogenes and a Staphylococcus species S. aureus. These gram-positive bacteria are part of the skin's natural flora. They both secrete enzymes that damage the skin cells and avoid localized infection. In some cases, the infection spreads rapidly and turns into a severe cellulitis case in just a few days.

Cellulitis is commonly treated with antibiotics. You may be treated with topical or oral antibiotics to clear the cellulitis. If the disease spreads, you may need intravenous injections of antibiotics in a hospital to cure cellulits.

The prevention of cellulitis is very simple. The first important advice is to observe proper procedures when treating wounds. It is important to sanitize the area where the wound is found. This can be done by washing fresh cuts soon after they are discovered. For deep cuts and wounds, one may dab betadine on the wounded area. Betadine is a powerful chemical disinfectant that can sway off bacterial infection.

Also importantly, you need to need to drink lots of water everyday (preferably purified) and get regular exercise such as aerobics, walking and yoga at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes. This is one of the main remedies for treating and preventing cellulite by eliminating toxic waste and build-ups from your body. Regular exercise also helps immensely in tension reduction and proper circulation within your body.

Be mindful of the antibiotic regimen your doctor has prescribed. Usually, a series of antibiotics will be administered to the patient with diabetes. This happens because it takes a few weeks or sometimes months for the effects to be visible. Always follow the right prescription instructions in taking antibiotics or else the whole regimen plan will not take effect. Do not also be surprised if your doctor will give you a group of antibiotics in a given period.

Many people confuse cellulite with cellulitis. Cellulite is a normal condition in most women whereas cellulitis is an infection which affects the skin and the underlying tissues of both males and females alike. Before undergoing any treatments, it is important to determine whether or not you are suffering from cellulite or cellulitis. Otherwise you might be treating the wrong thing.

So, how to reduce cellulite? Now that we know that cellulite is fat below the skin we have to look for such cures that aid in melting this kind of fat. Some people have resorted to massage therapy but results were temporary. Liposuction is one drastic step people have taken. Liposuction has its own drawbacks, liposuction is a surgery we all know that and surgery of any kind has risks involved.

The Primary Causes Of Cellulite - Can Cellulite Cream Help

The Primary Causes of Cellulite - Can Cellulite Cream Help

Women, as they age, are more at risk of cellulite when compared with guys. Although it is exceptional with regard to men to possess cellulite, practically 90% from the ladies around the world find cellulite while they era. But for anybody who are unsure, cellulite is just an elegant period regarding an accumulation excess fat that pushup against the connective cells of your skin; creating an orange-peel texture or even a dimpled visual appeal.

You'd probably almost certainly always be asking ?what causes cellulite?? however sadly, while the specific trigger remains undetermined, there have been lots of promoting practices as to what reasons for cellulite. Let?s have a closer consider the popular components which can contribute throughout leading to cellulite.

Human hormones

This kind of component isn't completely recognized however concerning what sort of female hormones, oestrogen and progesterone, can easily stimulate cellulite growth. It is because estrogen establishes the phone number and location regarding body fat tissues inside you and in addition encourages the creation of weight within the busts, thigh and also buttocks area while progesterone brings about fluid preservation, extra weight and also sluggish problematic veins.


Whenever you could be expecting a baby, your system goes thru numerous extreme changes which could trigger cellulite improvement. During your pregnancy period of time, your system raises throughout fluid preservation plus a massive spike throughout bodily hormones. These human hormones are believed to weaken connective tissues, including the tissues in the partitions of the blood vessels and also the lymphatic system vessels. Because your tummy develops because the being pregnant moves on, the development presses about the sluggish abnormal veins along with lymph wrecks which often can decrease circulation and also lymph water flow.


You may also inherit cellulite, seeing as there are selected body's genes required for cellulite improvement. If the loved ones, much like your mother or grandmother have been afflicted using cellulite, then you?re furthermore likely to own these. This is because genes can predispose us all to a particular qualities related to be able to cellulite growth; this is as a result of race, sexual intercourse, slower entire body metabolism, inadequate circulation along with weak blood vessels.

Prescription medication

There are certain medicines that may bring about cellulite advancement because of the way it can bring about hormone adjustments which could next improve the actual piling up involving body fat inside you. These drugs are usually birth control capsules, resting capsules and in many cases diet pills. It's actually encouraged for women to see using their physicians prior to using these kinds of prescription medication when these people have a family history associated with cellulite.

An Inactive Life style

Inactive lifestyle can easily bring about cellulite development due to the fact a sedentary lifestyle of the entire body make a difference to your current blood circulation along with your lymphatic as well as venous techniques; the lymph along with veins depends on muscle contractions to function effectively. Without activity, the body and fluids inside your abnormal veins along with lymphatic ships loosen up. Overstretching with the problematic veins and also yachts will cause substance maintenance, weak flow and also leaking; any time you could be inactive you often gain in weight that may worsen your current cellulite?s condition.


Yet again, smoking cigarettes finds one other reason why it is a dangerous as well as dangerous habit for you. Smoking are unable to merely destruction your own lungs along with center nevertheless they could also damage your skin layer which could increase the particular dimpling of the skin linked to cellulite.

Even though there can be several components about what leads to cellulite that will can?t be ignored, just like having a baby as well as anatomical, you can make an improvement within the options you make together with your way of life. Energetic exercising, giving up smoking cigarettes along with a healthy diet may help females worldwide stay away from cellulite. If you have now them, next really don't quit at this time. Again, an energetic life-style, appropriate dieting and exercise may help you eliminate the existing cellulite. All you must do will be help make the best selections.

Derma Rolling As The 20th Century Beauty Miracle

Derma Rolling as the 20th Century Beauty Miracle

Derma rolling, or needling, is a treatment that is done by derma roller at home or at a clinic. This treatment is done to cure facial skin problems and as a weekly or monthly treatment to look young.

What conditions will derma rolling cure?

The derma rolling treatment can be done on any part of the face or body, even the most sensitive parts, such as the eyelids. The main result of the derma rolling treatment is to stimulate collagen and increase blood circulation in the treated area.

Derma rolling helps to cure the following conditions:

For the eyes:

- Reduces dark circles under the eyes - Reduces lines and wrinkles - Reduces bags and puffiness

For the face:

- Reduces lines, wrinkles, and scars (acne or surgical) - Reduces dark spots - Tightens and closes open pores - Repairs damaged skin - Heals sunburn

For the body:

- Reduces scars - Reduces cellulite

How does derma rolling work?

Derma rolling, or needling, is done using a tool called a derma roller, which is a roller containing hundreds of needles and a handle. Needle length varies from one roller to another, but is usually between0.2mm and 2.5 mm. The derma roller micro needles cause hundreds of tiny wounds that penetrate into the deep layers of the skin. Despite the minuscule size of the wounds, the body still acts to heal itself in its own natural way. So the skin will produce collagen to heal the wound. This healing process will eventually lead to the formation of a thick layer of collagen and improved blood flow at the site of each wound.

How to carry out the derma rolling (needling) treatment

Derma rolling can be done at home. It takes time to see results, but if you keep using it you will get great results without spending much money. Because the derma rolling is notpainless, some people use an anesthetic before the treatment.

Follow these steps to derma roll your skin:

1- Clean the derma roller with alcohol.

2- Clean yourskin with cleanser and warm water.

3- Apply numbing cream (if you want).

4- If you applied numbing cream, wait half an hour toan hour (or as instructed) and clean your face (with water only).

5- Apply any vitamins or product to your skin. - This step is optional, but keep in mind that while rolling the product will penetrate deeply into the layers of your skin, so it is preferable to use good product. I prefer using vitamins (such as E, D, C, etc.) or ampoules (such as caviar, seaweed, royal jelly, oxygen, and placenta ampoules).

6- When rolling, stretch the skin by pulling it with your other hand. This will make needle penetration much easier.

7- Roll in a cross pattern, about eight times horizontally and eight times vertically. Back and forth equals two rolls. Use medium pressure.

8- If you didn't apply any product before rolling, I recommend that you apply it now.

9- Clean the roller again with alcohol.

What derma roller to use

Needling tools come in many types and shapes, but the most common is the roller. Needle length varies from one roller to another. To get started derma rolling, you don't need to know all the details about needle lengths and roller types. Even if you are used to derma rolling, I think it is enough to know these two things: - For the area around the eyes and around the lips and nose it is better to use a three-line derma roller, which is thinner than the one you would use for the face and body. - Even though you will find information that says to use 0.5 mm needles for fine lines and wrinkles and 1.0 mm needles for open pores, I advise you to use 1.5 mm needles for the face, eyes, and neck, and for any skin condition. I advise using 2.5 mm needles for cellulite.

The derma roller is a beauty miracle; you should have one for your face and one for your eyes if you care about your skin and want to look younger.

Copyright (c) 2013 Mai Ammar Shareef

Thigh Liposuction To Reshape And Contour Your Legs

Thigh Liposuction To Reshape and Contour Your Legs

One of the most popular body areas to have liposuction performed today is undoubtedly the legs – but why is thigh liposuction and other leg liposuction procedures so in demand?

The answer lies in the different body shapes people have. You've probably heard the expressions ‘apple shaped' or pear shaped' in relation to the female figure.

That is because when women put on weight, depending on their genetics, they will have a tendency to either put the excess weight around their middle area (apple shaped) or the weight will settle lower down on their bottoms and thighs (pears).

In a nutshell, ‘apples' turn up at cosmetic practices seeking liposuction of the abdomen and sometimes back liposuction. Pears, on the other hand, are more prone to need thigh liposuction, and occasionally buttock liposuction, because this is where their bodies tend to go out of proportion, and where a little extra weight can be difficult to shift, no matter what exercise or diet regimen they follow.

Just imagine you've been living with thighs that are out of proportion with the rest of your body – the hunt for clothes can be completely maddening. Pants that fit around the upper leg will not fit around the waist, and trousers that might fit properly around the middle are destined to bunch and crease on your thighs. This presents an interesting problem – either you are consigned to stretchy sweat pants, or horror of horror, a wardrobe of unfashionable clothes with elastic waistbands.

To put an end to this annoying situation, every year thousands of women opt for thigh liposuction. Oftentimes outer thigh liposuction will suffice to bring the body back into proportion. Your cosmetic surgeon can advise you on whether you will need to add the inner thigh liposuction procedure for the best result for you. Usually if you have both inner and outer thigh liposuction done together, you will get a considerable cost reduction than if you had the procedures done separately.

Recovery time can be fairly short if your cosmetic surgeon opts for one of the more modern lipo technologies such as Vaser lipo or Smartlipo. You will need to wear a compression garment for a few weeks to aid your recovery, and ensure a smooth result.

Since your thigh liposuction will remove the offending fat cells permanently, going clothes shopping could become one of your more pleasurable activities, rather than the horror that it has been in the past.

Monoi Oil_ Ancient Polynesian Cure-All Is A Natural Remedy For Dry Skin And Hair.

Monoi Oil: Ancient Polynesian Cure-All is a Natural Remedy for Dry Skin and Hair.

Monoi is infused oil made from soaking the petals of Tahitian gardenias (tiare) in a semi-wax coconut oil. Monoi (pronounced Mah-noy) is an ancient Tahitian word meaning "scented oil" in the reo-maohi language. Monoi is widely used among French Polynesians as a skin and hair softener. It is also popular in Europe and gaining popularity in the United States.

Today's marketplace is rife with monoi oil imitations. Authentic Tahitian monoi oil follows a strict manufacturing code that dictates the entire process, from handpicking the tiare flowers to storage and shipping of the final product. This process has been validated and protected by an Appellation of Origin which was awarded to Monoi de Tahiti on April 1, 1992.


No one knows exactly when the first batch of monoi was created; however, its origins can be traced back 2,000 years to the Maori tribe: the indigenous Polynesian people of Aotearoa (New Zealand). Early European explorers who traveled to the Polynesian Islands, including James Cook, documented the natives' use of manoi for medicinal, cosmetic and religious purposes. Monoi featured prominently in the lives of these ancient people, from birth until death. It was applied to the bodies of newborns to keep them from dehydrating in hot weather, and from getting chilled in cooler temperatures. When a person died, their body was embalmed and perfumed with manoi to help facilitate their journey into the afterlife.

Monoi was also used in ancient Polynesian religious rites. During ceremonies which took place in the "maraes" (temples), Maori priests used manoi to anoint sacred objects and purify offerings to their deities.

Maori navigators used manoi to protect their bodies from cold, harsh winds and salt water during long canoe expeditions at sea. (Even today, many divers rub monoi all over their bodies prior to diving for the same purposes.)

In 1942, monoi began to be manufactured commercially. World War II may have had a hand in its commercialization, as it did many other industries.

Monoi Ingredients:

Tiare Flower: The tiare flower (Gardenia Tahitensis in Latin), from the Rubiaceae family, is Tahiti's national flower. The small white, star-shaped flower grows on 3-foot high bushes throughout French Polynesia, which features soil of coral origin, and blossoms all year long. Other names for this flower include Tiare Tahiti and Tiare Mahoi.

Beyond their contribution to Monoi Tiare Tahiti, tiare flowers are deeply rooted in everyday Polynesian life. In traditional medicine, the flower is prepared in a variety of concoctions to alleviate a range of common maladies including the common cold, headaches and sunburn. Many Polynesians enjoy placing a few tiare flowers on a small, water-filled saucer to release the fragrance throughout their "fares" (Polynesian houses). The flower necklaces that are offered to tourists as a gesture of welcome are created with tiare flowers. The vahine (Polynesian women) use them daily to for beauty enhancement.

New FDA Approved Treatment Eliminates Cellulite Without Dieting Or Liposuction

New FDA Approved Treatment Eliminates Cellulite Without Dieting Or Liposuction

Are you embarrassed about the cellulite on your body?

Do you stay covered up, even when it's hot outside?

Do you wish you could lose the cellulite that makes you feel ashamed?

Now there is an effective cellulite treatment that can help you look better and feel better. It uses cutting edge technology that is safe, comfortable, relaxing, and will effectively remove cellulite. It uses three separate technologies to smooth out the skin and enhance the appearance of your "trouble areas."

You're not alone. Over 80% of women over the age of 20 have cellulite and many are seeking an effective, safe solution to remove cellulite from appearing on their bodies.

It's called VelaSmooth.

It is safe, affordable, and non-surgical.

Most importantly, it works! VelaSmooth is effective cellulite treatment for the woman who wants to look and feel her best.

To understand how VelaSmooth works, it is important to first understand what cellulite is.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is an unsightly dimpled appearance, especially around the thighs... sometimes disparagingly called "cottage cheese thighs."

The cause of cellulite is simple: It comes from enlarged fatty deposits under the skin. These deposits are in tiny clusters and separated from each other by small "walls." As each fatty deposit swells, that cluster grows larger while the surrounding wall remains at the "normal" skin depth.

The bottom line? A dimpled appearance. Over 80% of women over the age of 20 have cellulite on their bodies. Most women want to lose it. Of course, they want to do it safely, easily, and without surgery.

VelaSmooth is a safe, affordable, and non-surgical way to remove the appearance of cellulite from your body.

How does VelaSmooth work?

VelaSmooth helps to get rid of cellulite with three technologies from a single unit. These technologies are:

Broad spectrum light
Bi-polar radiofrequency
Tissue manipulation

Each one works to reduce the fatty deposits, encourage blood flow, and massage the skin to create a smooth appearance. Here's how they work...

How does broad spectrum light help reduce cellulite?

Fatty deposits contain stored energy, that's why you burn fat during extended periods of physical exercise. Broad spectrum light penetrates up to 5 mm deep and heats the skin, which increases the rate of metabolism, thereby reducing the stored energy... and the fatty deposits. The broad spectrum light is safe, comfortable, and completely sealed to the skin during its application so it does not require that you wear goggles during your VelaSmooth session.

Hoe does Bi-polar radiofrequency help reduce cellulite?

Radiofrequency is another safe technology used during the VelaSmooth process to help reduce the fatty deposits by increasing blood flow and massaging the skin.

How does tissue manipulation help reduce cellulite?

The VelaSmooth device uses rollers to gently manipulate the skin. This has several highly effective results: it increases the blood flow in the surrounding area, which helps to carry fatty deposits away, it breaks down the tissue between fatty deposits and also encourages trapped fluid to move toward the lymph nodes where the body and eliminate it.

VelaSmooth improves the appearance of cellulite with state-of-the art technology.

Why does VelaSmooth work?

VelaSmooth works to eliminate the appearance of cellulite by helping to reduce the underlying cause of cellulite using the technologies you've just learned about.

Cellulite is pockets of fatty deposits and those deposits contain stored energy. The VelaSmooth treatment system is designed to release that energy, break down the barriers that keep those deposits from being absorbed into the body (where they can used instead of stored), and encourage the blood to flow (which will help reduce stored fluid).

Each of the three technologies work together and feel like a vigorous warm massage. In some ways, your VelaSmooth treatment is a lot like a massage, but with a twenty-first century twist.

You've probably tried creams and lotions to help you reduce cellulite; you've probably tried home remedies and rumored wonder-treatments; you've probably combined those things with diet exercise. You've probably thrown your hands up in the air in disgust, wondering if you'll ever be rid of that embarrassing cellulite for good.

VelaSmooth can help you look and feel great faster than you realize, without a lot of fuss. It is quick, easy, safe, and (most importantly) effective.
Some more information about VelaSmooth cellulite treatment can be fount ag

Don't Be Ashamed Of Cellulite When You Can Get Rid Of It!

Don't Be Ashamed Of Cellulite When You Can Get Rid Of It!

Ashamed of those excess body fats around your thighs, buttocks and stomach? These are the sensitive places where fats love to accumulate and make us look bulgy. Our emotional well being is somewhat controlled by how we look. We love our body when it's in shape and hate it when it's out of it. Don't look your fatness as a flaw. You don't have to be ashamed anymore. Cellulites do make our body look ugly but it does mean they are permanent. Now it is possible to get rid of them faster. So, when you spot any fats around your belly, take it as a challenge to work hard and get rid of it.

You must have seen it on the web or television how much people worry about their body when they have cellulite. These questions like, “Does anyone know the tricks to get rid of cellulite? What can I do to get rid of cellulite? How to get rid of cellulite?” floods in the WWW. Especially for women, they tend to be susceptible to deposition cellulite, since by nature they bear more fat than men. Well, there are many tips, tricks, treatments and exercises but only a few tips or tricks might go well.

There are two effective ways of getting rid of cellulite. They are active and passive ways. In the active ways, the cellulites are burned in an aggressive routine exercise. While in the passive ways, healthy but with lesser fat and higher fibre content diet is taken. These two fast ways to lose weight can get rid of your fats but if you want a faster visible result, you can form a regime that involves both ways. While you are on a regime, you must first focus on reaching your goal. Though slim is the goal but a healthy body is what you must aim for. Slimmer is better but looking like an anorexic is totally absurd. You can follow the diet regime below to have a healthy slim body.

• Include fresh fruit, leafy vegetables and whole grains. This is a detox diet.
• Include low content of saturated fats and Trans fatty acids in your diet.
• Healthy fats like lean meat or nuts should be included.
• Processed food should be avoided as they are more difficult to process for the body.
• Caloric intake should be limited to a healthy amount according to your built and lifestyle.
• Stop taking junk food, carbonated drinks, sodas and saturated fats like butter and animal fats.
• Quit smoking and drinking
• Keep your body hydrated and to flush out toxins by drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water daily
• Take multi-vitamin supplements.

Now follow these simple steps and say goodbye to cellulite!

Cellulite - Is There Anything You Can Do_

Cellulite – Is There Anything You Can Do?

So many women worry about having cellulite yet in reality virtually all women suffer from it to some degree. The so-called ‘orange peel' effect is caused by fatty deposits and toxins accumulating in the cells towards the surface of the skin. It's perfectly normal and it's something that affects women of all shapes and sizes, no matter how slim.

Women are always on the lookout for some type of miracle cure for cellulite, but is there really anything you can do to reduce the appearance of those dimples? Let's take a look at the options.

Keep hydrated
Drinking plenty of water and cutting down on de-hydrating liquids like tea, coffee and alcohol will help to flush out the toxins in your body, which may contribute to cellulite. Aim for at least two litres of water a day.

A diet that's high in fatty foods can contribute to the build up of cellulite. Try to cut down on saturated fats found in processed foods and instead choose good fats like those found in fish and nuts. Increasing your intake of fibre will get your digestive system working more effectively and help to get rid of toxins in your system. Opt for a high-fibre cereal such as bran flakes, and try snacking on dried fruit or smoothies between meals. Also give less processed grains a go – switch to wholemeal bread, brown rice and wholemeal pasta instead of white, refined products.

Firming up your thighs is a great way to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Squats and lunges are good for toning the thighs and bottom – or try cycling or walking on a gradient. For upper arms try press-ups. It's important to find a type of exercise that you enjoy if you want to keep it up on a regular basis. Try dancing or walking if you don't enjoy doing specific exercises. Any exercise will boost your circulation helping to break down those fatty cells.

Lotions and potions
There seems to be a new product popping up every week that claims to help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Skim firming creams and gels work on the surface layer of the skin and may give a smoother appearance but as this is only superficial will not shift cellulite altogether. Many people believe that it is the motion of massaging creams in that helps break up and disperse cellulite, rather than the ingredients of the creams themselves. Why not test a value body cream against a more expensive cellulite product on each leg and see if there is a noticeable difference?

Dry brushing
Massaging cellulite-prone areas with a dry brush can help to disperse the build up of fatty deposits that make up cellulite. Sweep towards your heart or use a circular motion to help boost circulation and help your body drain properly. It will also exfoliate your legs for lovely smooth skin.

Beauty treatments
Many beauty salons and specialists offer treatments to help reduce cellulite. These can be expensive and usually involve a course of treatments rather than a one-off fix. They can include mechanical massages and special body wraps. Although they can be effective, the results may not be long lasting. Lymphatic massage may help to improve your body's circulation and drainage functions.

The anti-cellulite market is now worth £54 million. Remember, there is no quick fix to rid yourself of it completely so don't be tempted to throw all your money at the problem. Live healthily and if all else fails, learn to love those dimply bits! They're really not so bad.

Cellulite Reduction Tips And Tips To Get Rid Of Cellulite Naturally

Cellulite Reduction Tips and Tips to Get Rid of Cellulite Naturally

Cellulite has become one of the common beauty concerns, especially among women. Even though, the existence of cellulite is still a much debated subject, it is said to affect most women, after a certain age. Cellulite is defined as the collection of fat deposits under the subcutaneous skin layers. It is said that such fat and fluids accumulate under the connective tissues that are found in the subcutaneous layers of the skin. This accumulated fat and fluids get harder with time, causing a dimpled effect on the skin. This hardened fat layer is called cellulite. The skin with cellulite is said to resemble orange peel and so the condition is also termed as orange peel syndrome. It is also contended that there is nothing called cellulite and the dimpled effect of the skin is caused by normal fat accumulation. However, cellulite is found to be a common phenomenon among women and the members of fair sex has always been looking for some tips regarding how to get rid of cellulite on legs.

How to Get Rid of Cellulite Naturally
As we know, cellulite is caused by the deposition of fat cells beneath the skin. Though what exactly causes cellulite is not known, it is presumed that certain factors play an important role in the development of this condition. Genetics, changes in metabolism, distribution of subcutaneous fats, hormones and changes in the structure of the connective tissue are some factors that can have a role in the formation of cellulite. Complete removal of cellulite is usually not possible. But, it is possible to make it less visible. A few of the most effective natural cellulite reduction methods are discussed below.

Get Rid of Cellulite With Diet
To diminish the appearance of cellulite, one should follow a low fat diet, especially a diet low in saturated and trans fats. These harmful fats are usually found in processed and junk food. So, if your are trying to get rid of cellulite, then replace processed and unhealthy foods with healthy foods like, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. To get adequate amount of healthy or essential fats, you can include nuts, avocados and olive oil in your diet.

Get Rid of Cellulite Through Exercises
Exercise is considered by many as the best way to get rid of cellulite. Exercise is one of the most effective methods for removing excess fat from the body, which can help to tighten the skin. Regular exercising is a great way to tone the muscles and tissues of the body, which can eventually help to get smoother or tighter skin and less noticeable cellulite. If you are trying to get rid of cellulite on legs and thighs, then concentrate on strength training exercises that focus on the legs, which form an essential part of leg exercises for cellulite reduction.


Exercises like, pushups, squats and crunches can be of great help to get rid of cellulite on thighs and legs. Leg lifts, lunges are some other thigh exercises for cellulite removal. On the other hand, cardiovascular or aerobic exercises can help to tone the muscles of the entire body by removing unwanted fats. This in turn, can help to reduce the visibility of cellulite on stomach and other parts of the body. If you have cellulite on arms, then you can get help from cellulite removal exercises like, push ups. Even yoga can help to firm the arms and help to get rid of cellulite on arms.

Increase Your Water Intake
Along with following a healthy and balanced diet, drink plenty of water throughout the day. Water can help to detoxify the body and help to improve your skin condition. It can also help to keep your skin well hydrated to prevent a number of skin conditions.

Massage is another treatment option for cellulite. Massage can greatly reduce the dimpled appearance of the skin. Gentle massage along with cellulite removal creams can slowly and gradually diminish the visibility of cellulite. A soft bristled brush can be used for massaging the skin affected by cellulite formation. You can also find several machines like rolling cylinders, designed specifically for massaging the cellulite affected areas of the body.

Cellulite And Coffeegrind

Cellulite And Coffeegrind

80% of the women have cellulite.
So, there most certainly must be a reason why it exists. But a bigger question on the minds of so many women might be: How can I get rid of cellulite?
They do not only think about it, they often scream it out : Help me get rid of my cellulite now!

As a result of so many people suffering from cellulite the cosmetic industry has developed numerous products, such as creams, lotions and who knows what else…
It is a fact that because the demand for cellulite treatments is huge that the cosmetic industry delivers even more of those products. But problem is that those products are often very expensive and not everyone has the funds to buy a treatment.

It does not really have to be expensive.

There are home made remedies to treat cellulite and they will only cost a fraction of what you would pay for the cosmetic brands. What it will cost you in a manner of speaking is a ‘cup of coffee' a day. But this time it is meant literally.

Cellulite can be treated with coffee grind.

So, what is that remedy to help you get rid of cellulite? All you need is a cheap hand lotion and caffeinated coffee. You have to grind the coffee into dust and mix the coffee grind with the hand lotion. As a result you will have a cream. Rub it into you cellulite areas and leave it for a minute. Rinse it off in the shower. Do this everyday and you will see those areas get smoother and firmer. It is very important that you do not use decaffeinated coffee because it is the caffeine that reduces the cellulite.

Of course you can buy creams that contain coffee extract, but fact is that the remedy described above is as effective if not better, but most important much less expensive. So, for a cup of coffee a day you can literally get rid of your cellulite.

Liposuction And Breast Surgery In India

Liposuction And Breast Surgery in India

Every one of us wants to look good and appealing. Our features, figure, hair, etc. are some important parameters for perfect looks. People all over the world desire to attain those ‘perfect looks'. A very easy and safe way to fulfill this desire is to opt for a cosmetic surgery procedure. Today, various cosmetic surgery procedures are hugely popular all over the world. People are opting for rhinoplasty, hair transplant, chin tuck, so on and so forth. One such extremely popular cosmetic surgery procedure is Liposuction in Kolkata.
Both men and women opt for liposuction. Women want to get rid of all the flaws and imperfections in their looks. They want to fit into the designer wears. They consider undergoing the liposuction procedure most effective way to cut down that extra flab. The entire procedure of liposuction is carried out in a very safe manner. This method actually focuses to reduce the overall size of the stomach with the help of an operation. This surgery helps to naturally reduce the appetite of the human being. After liposuction people feel less hungry and their food intake also reduces substantially. Av person can reduce up to 13 pounds by undergoing this cosmetic surgery procedure.
Liposuction also helps a great deal in curbing the cellulite from the body. Liposuction helps in removing the cellulite and thereby giving a slimmer and toned body. A slim and toned body makes us look better and therefore boosts our confidence. Liposuction is used to reduce the fats deposits in the different parts of the body. Too much of fat accumulation is not good for our body. Fat deposits can be the reason behind various health disorders. With liposuction one can get rid from the excessive body fat and can lead a fit and healthy life.
Apart from liposuction, the demand for Breast Surgery in India is also mounting up with each passing day. Women opt for breast surgery, because of their specific needs. Some women are not very comfortable with their small sized breast. They feel under confident and inadequate. On the other hand, some other women consider breast surgery to cut down the extra fat from their breasts. More and more people in Kolkata are gathering awareness about various advanced cosmetic surgery procedures. They are fully aware of the pros and cons that are associated with any cosmetic surgery procedure.
Extra layers of fat on the bosoms can be a cause for acute back ache also. Women with larger breasts are more prone to breast cancer. Big bust size can also cause a lot embarrassment in some women. Women with very small breasts are all the time very keen to acquire a better breast size. For all these women Breast Surgery in India is the ultimate answer. The cosmetic surgeons of the city use the most modern techniques of Liposuction in Kolkata. Most of the leading cosmetic surgeons of the city offer world class facilities and treatment at very reasonable rates. Always consult a reputed cosmetic surgeon for any taking advice on these cosmetic surgeries.

Meadowsweet In Skincare

Meadowsweet In Skincare

The latin name for Meadowsweet is Filipendula Ulmaria, and it goes by numerous other common names, including Queen of the Meadow. This latter name is quite apt, as it really does look quite spectacular when in full bloom, and has a wonderful, strong, sweet aroma.

In the past, people used Meadowsweet to cover floors of churches during weddings (another of its names is Bridalwort). It was also the strewing herb of choice of Queen Elizabeth I, who used it to make a pleasant smell in her private chambers. Meadowsweet has also often been used as a flavour in mead. The ancient druids considered Meadowsweet to be one of the three sacred herbs.

It is a very beneficial ingredient in organic skincare products, as it is a natural anti-inflammatory (it contains salicylic acid, the precursor to modern aspirin). It is also useful in helping to treat cellulite, and is an excellent wound healer.

It is often used in organic toning oils in order to help to keep your skin tight, and to reduce any local inflammation or cellulitis. Massaging toning oils, such as the Inlight firm & tone oil into your skin helps your body to drain excess water trapped in the derma layer of your skin. This water is then redirected into your lymphatic system, and drained out through your kidneys.

How To Get Rid Of Cellulite Naturally Without Painful Surgery

How To Get Rid Of Cellulite Naturally Without Painful Surgery

What are Your Anti-Cellulite Treatment Options?

Controlling cellulite is by taking some easy steps with Solidea anti cellulite stylish and fashionable hosiery. The anti cellulite pantyhose that helps reduce cellulite while it smoothes and refines the appearance of your legs. Cellulite shaper process is clinically proven to be effective on women just like you. It's so easy to put on and wear it. Just slip into Solidea anti cellulite hosiery everyday by walking around with it. Anti-cellulite hose reduce cellulite when worn properly.

Cellulite is nothing but fat cells being trapped by fibers that have formed a network. These fibers are constantly cleansed by body fluids and poor circulation retards this cleansing process. The result is disastrous. Waste materials accumulate because they slowly thicken and become hard pockets of immovable fat. This is what causes the dimpling as it is often called. Feeling of heaviness or tightness in the legs, tenderness when pressed or massaged is common. It is not a disease or illness but a sign that your lifestyle is unhealthy.

There is no solution for cellulite reduction, and the obvious and most inexpensive way to treat cellulite is to watch what you eat and drink, and burn those calories by exercising on a regular basis. Thousands of over the counter potions, creams and pills to combat cellulite have flooded the market but the fact remains that Cellulite is stubborn and refuses to budge easily.

Liposuction removes the deposits of fat which lie trapped between the skin and muscle. It is a surgical procedure that is done under general anesthesia. Avoid costly and painful surgery that will produced a scar. Wearing Solidea anti cellulite pantyhose will help reduce cellulite..

Cellulite natural treatment for common cellulite problems is available for women who want to look good and have beautiful legs without cellulite. Cellulite symptoms include feeling tightness and heaviness in legs. Cause of cellulite thigh appearance is a cosmetic defect that affects millions of women of all ages and sizes. Cellulite problems commonly appear on the stomach, hips, buttocks and other areas of the body. Being overweight does not necessarily cause cellulite symptoms. The cellulite condition is due to a combination of tightened connective tissue in the skin and excess fatty tissue. These connective tissues, called septa, attach the top layer of our skin to deep muscles. When these tissues weaken or become less flexible, it tends to pull down on the surface of the skin, creating the cellulite condition. There are cellulite treatments that may help reduce cellulite and give your legs that healthy, cellulite free look that you desire.

A large selection of cellulite product treatments and cellulite remedies from Solidea. The Solidea Micromassage and Magic Anti-Cellulite No Hose Shapeware line has reduced cellulite for 80% of women who tried it. Solidea cellulite compression panty hose is made with innovative silver fibers for maximum hygiene and softness. The pantyhose compression reduces cellulite and improves leg circulation. It creates smooth silhouette tones and firm skin. Our cellulite compression hosiery is available in all sizes and colors.

The number of cellulite treatment products and cellulite cure on the open market is vast despite the growing demand for such products. It can be confusing to find cellulite cure, can help you with the best cellulite solutions. However, if you want to reduce the appearance of cellulite painlessly and are not concerned about the short duration this treatment provides, you can work patiently to reduce your cellulite by wearing cellulite compression hosiery to eliminate cellulite bulges. This type of cellulite treatment may train your cellulite to compact itself.

The best cellulite gel is the innovative anti cellulite gel that has natural nutrients that firms, tightens and tones the skin is based on an extremely intensive formula. The magic exfoliator, a body buffing massaging exfoliator, is specifically designed to massage the magic cellulite gel to bring out a healthier-looking skin cells hidden beneath. They also carry a total cellulite reduction treatment kit that includes the silver wave panty, magic gel and the magic exfoliator for a wonderful new skin feeling.

Champix Makes Smoking Cessation Painless And Easy

Champix makes smoking cessation painless and easy

Treatment with Champix helps to make smoking cessation easy and painless for smokers. Its active ingredient, varenicline, works in a manner that dupes the brain into thinking that it has received its dose of nicotine. As a result, the smoker is saved from going through withdrawal symptoms when striving to achieve smoking cessation. Champix achieves this by attaching itself to the nicotine receptors in the brain, thereby preventing nicotine from binding to its receptors in the brain. This means that even if a person does give in to the temptation, he/she will not derive the same pleasure from smoking. This keeps people from going back to smoking, sometimes keeping people smoke free forever.

What is Champix?

Varenicline, the active ingredient in Champix, is an innovative smoking cessation therapy that has been designed to help smokers quit forever, depending on suitability; it was approved by the US FDA in May 2006 as a prescription only smoking cessation drug. As known to all of us, smoking is the leading cause of preventable deaths across the world; every year thousands of people lose their lives due to one of many smoking related conditions such as lung disease, heart ailments and cancer. Though most smokers are aware of the harmful effects of smoking, they find it hard to quit because of the strong addictive effects of nicotine and because of the unpleasant nicotine withdrawal symptoms. However, Champix has many people achieve smoking cessation effectively.

How does Champix work?

Champix varenicline has been designed to offer a smoker respite from smoking using a two-pronged strategy; this medication is known to help people quit smoking for life. Champix helps:

Fight nicotine withdrawal symptoms by mimicking the action of nicotine in the body. It attaches itself to the nicotine receptors in the brain. This action fools the brain into thinking that it has received its dose of nicotine. Champix therefore provides relief from the agonising cravings for nicotine as well as the painful withdrawal symptoms.

Champix dosages

Champix varenicline is available in the form of a pill and comes in strengths of 0.5mg and 1mg tablets. Before buying any of these doses, you should check signs for originality. The Champix 0.5mg tablet is film-coated and white in colour. It has ‘Pfizer' printed on one side and ‘CHX 0.5' on the other. On the other hand, Champix 1mg tablet is also film-coated but light blue in colour with ‘Pfizer' printed on one side and ‘CHX 1.0' on the other. The recommended course of Champix treatment lasts for a period of 12 weeks.

Side effects of Champix

As with most other medicines, use of Champix Varenicline may also cause certain side effects. However, most of the Champix side effects are usually mild to moderate and may disappear gradually as your body gets used to the medication. Some of the commonly reported Champix side effects are nausea, headache, difficulty sleeping (insomnia) and abnormal dreams. Some rarely observed side effects reported by people taking Champix Varenicline include a change in taste, vomiting, abdominal pain, flatulence and constipation. Don't forget to consult your doctor as soon as possible if you experience changes in behaviour, changes in mood, depression or feelings of aggression or agitation.

How To Make The Vagina More Tight And Treatment Of Loose Vagina

How To Make The Vagina More Tight And Treatment Of Loose Vagina

Women after charitable birth to a child have a sag vagina, no offense, guys do not get excited with this any longer, they get bored and also they sense they are useless and always have this thinking "Did she enjoy that or not?"

So what is the main reason why women need to make tighter their vagina? How do they do this?

The reasons why they have to tauten their vagina is that;

1. Men will stick and will for eternity get satisfied -

This is true, when he feels the tightness; he usually gets excited and can't wait to see you at home.

2. They turn out to be loyal -

When guys are completely pleased, they will never have a reason to cheat on you, guys will still look at other girls, at whatever time they walk home or riding a bus they tend to look and appreciate especially if the lady is very attractive and alluring to their eyes.

But not to worry this is ordinary and nature of man.
How can a woman tell if her vagina is of what is deem the natural size?

The vaginal wall is stretchy so calculation of precise size would be not easy. If a woman`s vaginal walls are relaxed they collapse into each other.

As a rule diameter of the vagina is less than 1" and the length usually approx 3 to 4 inches. When the vagina prepares itself for sexual intercourse it will change in size altering the width.

The narrowest part of the vagina is at the notch but widens on the inside as you further in.

There are even present so much over the counter creams and lotions that are used for vagina.

You can make use of these herbal creams. The best and the most safe way to tighten your vagina that are all through physical exercise and yoga exercise .

These exercises are so primarily related to contraction and relaxation of your vagina which finally helps in tapering your vaginal muscles.

Benefits of Vaginal Tightening

Decision of tightening the vagina is to get better the femininity and eliminate sexual inadequacy caused due to loose vagina.

The natural products mention above, gradually thickens the vaginal wall, making it strong and toned.

When the vaginal muscles become thicker, they make the penetration much stronger and firm. Some benefits obtained by tapering of the vagina are listed below

Natural Cure to Tighten Vagina

Loose vagina is a problem faced by all women after child birth. When you give birth to a child, your vagina usually gets stretched out and becomes loose.

Deliveries and child birth often results in relaxed pelvic muscles and leads to loose vaginal muscles and reduced sexual activity.

Loose vagina reduces your flourish and satisfaction level, therefore many women go for vaginal tightening in order to regain the lost satisfaction in terms of sexual relationship.

Vaginal tightening is a process of spiraling, toning and tightening vaginal muscles.

This tightening of vaginal brute force helps in improving your sexual relationship and allows you to live a richer and more satisfied sexual life.

There are many clinical ways of tapering your vagina but women often prefer natural ways because those are much safer in the long run.

Cellulite Treatments_ Which Do You Prefer_

Cellulite Treatments: Which Do You Prefer?

One of the major concerns of people in different ages is having cellulite on their arms, belly, thigh, legs and buttocks. Cellulite is a mass of fat stored underneath the skin that appears to look like cottage cheese. There are many causes why these unwanted fats appear that most people don't know. This is the reason why everybody can be affected with cellulite and not only obese or overweight but even thin or slim people.

There are many various treatments that claim to get rid of cellulite but before undergoing one, it's best that you seek your cosmetic surgeon, doctor or dermatologist about it. Ask some advice about your plan on undergoing these kinds of treatments, if is best for your age and extent of severity. Cellulite treatments are grouped into two and they are surgical and non surgical treatments.

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that is quite expensive and risky. It breaks up fat cells by inserting a tunnelling rod with the rounded tip under the supervision of a specialized and registered practitioner. This treatment until now is not considered for long term according to experts but for short term only. If you are not that type that would prefer surgical procedures then Endermologie is what you need.

This type of treatment doesn't involve needles or rods but only automatic roller that massages the affected area. You need to undergo this procedure at least twice a week for at least 30 to 40 minutes for a maximum of eight weeks. Massaging the affected area with a roller simply increases blood flow and not only that, it also stops the accumulation of fat. Don't be shocked if you see darkening and bruising of spider veins because this is the side effect of this treatment which is normal after every procedure.

Another cellulite treatment that you could also consider in getting rid of cellulite is the Laser lipolisis. This is a procedure where a fiber-optic laser is inserted through a tiny incision that targets the fat in the body. This procedure absorbs more than 500 grams of fat that will get excreted as waste later on. If you are afraid to undergo these kinds of treatments then why not try the natural way of reducing cellulite?

To reduce cellulite the natural way is simply reducing the intake of calories, exercising regularly and living a healthy lifestyle. If you cut down the main contributors of cellulite formation it will increase toxic elimination in the body and improve blood circulation in the skin too. This is the reason why more and more people still prefer reducing cellulite the natural way.

If you got the right data on hand on how to reduce cellulite fast then it will never be a tough job at all. Be on the right track by selecting the best treatment, have the determination and always be patience. This is the best way of saving your time, effort and money. Say goodbye to cellulite and look at the new you.

Get Rid Of Cellulite Quick With Simple Exercises

Get Rid Of Cellulite Quick With Simple Exercises

There are various strategies to get rid of cellulite, despite the fact that you don't realize it. Straightforward, non-strenuous exercises are probably one of the most effective techniques in existence. What exercises get rid of cellulite, you ask? Have a look below to find out!

Discover What Exercises Get Rid of Cellulite...

- Easygoing Swimming. This type of get rid of cellulite exercise helps in 3 distinct ways. One, it boosts blood circulation. Two, it may help greatly with blood flow. Three, it helps to construct & preserve lean muscle mass.

- Squats. This exercise routine is especially good for getting rid of leg and thigh cellulite. This will help to improve leaner, tougher muscle in your lower body, making those unsightly fatty skin deposits much less likely to appear. Begin using weights if you desire faster, better results.

- Aerobic Activity. Have you got a favorite aerobic exercise video tutorial? Well, pop it in and start following along! As with other styles of exercises which get rid of cellulite, aerobic exercising helps your system in 3 great ways. One, it'll help in revitalizing circulation all over the body. Two, it will increase bloodflow. Three, it is going to help in establishing along with sustaining your lean muscle. These three health benefits will GRIND cellulite into extinction very fast.

- Walking Workouts. Advantages of this kind of cellulite exercise tend to be practically identical to that of performing aerobic exercise or swimming. If you get a good sweat going, detoxification is also another advantage of this activity. Proper detoxification, just in case you do not know, rids our bodies of unneeded, harmful "waste" which experts claim contributes tremendously to cellulite accumulation.

- Weight Training. Persons usually don't have a clue about what exercises get rid of cellulite fast and which ones get rid of it slow. Fortunately for you, I'm going to clear up the confusion regarding this method -- it's FAST, VERY FAST. Basically, all you have to do is employ weight lifting workout routines to target distinct parts of your physique; places which are extremely saturated with cellulite build-up. After just a couple of workout routines, muscles will quickly build and the fatty tissue known as cellulite will immediately become far less noticeable. It's only a matter of time before all cellulite in the vicinity vanishes permanently. To prevent that "body builder" look, focus on reps but not weight.

Well, now you know precisely what exercises get rid of cellulite. Write down a workout schedule and follow it for a few weeks. Should you not notice an improvement after one or two months time, well, then you may be confronting what some people call "SUPER" Cellulite

Cellulite - Flip-flops That Reduce Cellulite_

Cellulite - Flip-flops that reduce cellulite?

Cellulite has been given quite a number of names, including cottage cheese, orange-peel skin, saddlebags, pruned legs, and even dimples. But cellulite by any other name is still cellulite and it is unattractive and unhealthy at the same time. Most women have some on their body somewhere and are unhappy about it. They would love to get rid of it so the search for the ultimate cellulite remover continues.

Even some celebrities haven't escaped the horror of cellulite. These include Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Scarlett Johansson, Sandra Bullock, and Elizabeth Hurley.

Cellulite is caused by clumps of fat cells that push up against surrounding fibrous connective tissue. This is what gives you “dimples” or the appearance of clumps of fat under the skin.

There are a couple of ways to combat cellulite and its negative effects but if you're genetically prone to the problem, it's unlikely you'll ever get rid of it. What you can do is reduce your overall fat intake to lessen the build-up of cellulite. Exercise can help you build muscle tone which in turn can make the contours of your body, including cellulite, look better.

Ever heard of flip flops that can reduce cellulite? A Manchester-based website called “Love Those Shoes” recently launched its own brand of sandals that will supposedly banish cellulite and tone the thighs as you walk.

These flip flops not only look great but are also heralded as a fantastic beauty treatment. Wear them and you'll be exercising all areas of your body where cellulite is normally found - your thighs, buns and stomach. The manufacturer added that you'll burn up to five times more calories with his product than you would with a normal pair of shoes or trainers.

Cellulite treatments like liposuction and mesotherapy are expensive and produce only temporary improvement. Some doctors advise against liposuction because it is designed to remove deep fat instead of cellulite which is close to the skin. For those who can't afford these expensive procedures, they can try flip flops or anti-cellulite creams like Celluthin. This popular product safely reduces cellulite.

Get Rid Of Cellulite With Cellulite Exercises - 7 Simple Steps

Get Rid of Cellulite With Cellulite Exercises - 7 Simple Steps

Women from every part of the globe have cellulite; so don't think you're alone in that department. As a matter of fact, some of the most well-known celebrities in the world suffer from unsightly, skin damaging cellulite. What do you have in common with them? The simple and most basic desire to remove cellulite from your body quickly and without pain. Luckily, that desire can be completely fulfilled with cellulite exercises!

If you wish to eliminate cellulite through cellulite exercises, then follow the basic exercise outline below.

1. Determine what type of exercise interests you most. Exercise for cellulite can be as simple as walking around the block a few times, running on a treadmill, going for a bike ride, a few laps in the swimming pool, lifting weights, weight training, etc. Basically, any cardiovascular, aerobic, or anaerobic exercises will help to eliminate celulite from your body.

2. Examine your daily schedule and see where there is some free time available. If your schedule does not permit you any free time, tough, make time! This is one of the most important parts of cellulite exercising -- after all, if you can't find the time to exercise, you simply won't be able to get rid of that nasty celulite. Only 20 minutes of each day needs to be freed up; that's it!

3. Once some free time has been alloted to your exercising, it's time to start. Simply use that 20 minutes to do your cellulite exercises, whether it be jumping jacks, bike riding, jogging, swimming, etc. You don't have to go all out with the exercise, just a small effort will do.

4. When done with the exercise, apply your favorite cellulite cream to your most problematic areas; be it legs, thighs, buttocks, arms, belly, etc. Massage the cream into the area throughly in order to cover the entire area.

5. Once you've fallen into the habit of doing your daily 20 minute exercises and applying your cellulite treatment cream right after, begin gradually increasing the length and intensity of your workout. Instead of 20 minutes, try 30 minutes. Instead of walking, try jogging. The more intense the workout is, the better the results will ultimately be.

6. After you begin seeing a noticeable reduction in celulite, don't stop the exercises! The cellulite is being eliminated because your exercising; meaning if you stop, the celulite will likely return. Keep going with the exercises to maintain everlasting cellulite removal.

7. Once celulite has been drastically reduced, you will no longer have to workout as hard. Rather than intense workout, all you really need is basic maintenance. Go back to the 15-20 minute routines and keep them up for as long as you wish to keep cellulite off your body.

It may be tough to get going with your cellulite exercises, but once you finally do, it's a non-stop train to a cellulite-free body you can be proud of! And, once you finally achieve that sculpted figure you so badly desire, maintaining it will be easier than you could have ever thought possible.

Naked Beauty Ebook Review - The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Joey Atlas' Ebook

Naked Beauty Ebook Review - The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Joey Atlas' Ebook

Joey Atlas' Naked Beauty product is a very popular workout system to get rid of cellulite on the internet.

In this Naked Beauty review we are going to talk about this product, see what are the advantages and disadvantages of it and understand better if this cellulite reduction program is actually for you or not.

Joey Atlas' Naked Beauty Review - What Exactly Is Naked Beauty?

Created by a very famous lower body expert trainer, Joey Atlas, Naked Beauty is a step by step cellulite reduction system that was created to assist all the women who are struggling with cellulite to get rid of their cellulite with a series of concentrated workout routines at home.

The primary goal of Joey Atlas in his Naked Beauty exercises program is to teach the user how to focus on the particular muscle groups which are just naturally weaker so they will be able to support the skin tissues which are simply above them and push them outward, and by doing so to eliminate the cellulite look.

Joey Atlas claims that not only his anti cellulite exercise program can aid you to improve your look, but it'll also help you to remove those trouble zones in only 24 days without any pills or any expensive stuff.

To find out if it is actually possible and to understand better if this product is basically for you, let's take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of this cellulite reduction system.

Joey Atlas' Naked Beauty Review - The Pros And Cons

The Pros

Proven And Comprehensive Program

One great thing about the Naked Beauty system by Joey Atlas is the fact that unlike many similar programs on the internet this exercises program comes with different components and not just one guide with bunch of workouts.

When purchasing the product you will get a number of guides, video tutorials, free subscription for all your life to ‘The Cellulite Files', several bonuses, home exercises DVD and more components which can be very important if you want to eliminate your cellulite quicker.

Simple To Follow Program Which Can Be Performed At Your Home

One more great thing of Joey Atlas' Naked Beauty product is that each one of the exercises in the program could be done at home with out the need for special gear, something that may be very important for busy women.

Moreover, the whole workout routine takes only 15 to 22 minutes each day and all of the exercises are shown in video, so it's extremely simple to learn the right way to perform each one of them correctly.

8 Weeks Money Back Guarantee

Joey Atlas' Naked Beauty anti cellulite program is supposed to give the user impressive results in just about four weeks.
Nonetheless, the product comes with 2 months of full money back guarantee, making it very easy for each female to try this cellulite reduction workout system without any risk.

The Cons

Will Not Help You To Lose Fat

One thing to remember about the Naked Beauty product is that it is not a diet program and this cellulite reduction workout system will not help you to with losing extra fat.

The main purpose of this exercises program is to develop muscle tone which will help you to eliminate the cellulite, so in case you're searching for a weight loss program then this product is probably not for you.

Can Be Found Just On The Internet

Joey Atlas' Naked Beauty cellulite reduction program is offered for sale just on the internet and you will not find it at any store.

Home Remedies For Treating Cellulite

Home Remedies For Treating Cellulite

The popularity of home remedies has been with us for centuries. Natural is becoming more and more popular and alot of people are on the look out to take advantage of the many home remedies that are out there, and not just for treating cellulite.

How do you go about finding home remedies for cellulite that will work for you?

Deaing with cellulite is frustrating, but trying to remove it can become expensive, which is why some of us search for home cellulite treatments. The good news is there are simple cellulite home treatments that can help reduce the appearance of this skin condition, without anyone having to take drastic measures, such as surgery.

If you only had to do two things for treating cellulite at home, what do you think they would be? The first one is to shrink fat cells. Second, strengthen the skin and increase the regeneration of stretched collagen, which has happened due to over-sized fat cells. A good skin care routine and proper diet is essential if you are to be successful in controlling the appearance of cellulite.

Using Massagers for Cellulite Reduction

Other home cellulite treatments include using a massager

Anti cellulite massagers are great as a home remedy for cellulite, and their inexpensive too. . . and . . you can do it when it's convenient for you.

The reason massagers for cellulite work is because of what is happening just under the skin. Because we can't physically see what is happening, some people choose not to use a massager for their cellulite, because they are looking for instant results. What is happening is an increase in the blood flow, circulation, and the lymphatic drainage.

Chamomile for Cellulite

Sometimes spelled as Camomile

Chamomile is an effective treating cellulite. It is a plant that has numerous medicinal qualities; it helps remove toxins from the skin.

Many clients have commented that their skin was smoother and softer after just 1 treatment. In some cases, it almost seemed that the cellulite disappeared!

In order to get this effect, you can mix 40 grams of chamomile flowers in four spoon of alcohol for about 7 hours. Then split the mix apart. One part must be placed in a dark colored bottle, and the other one is mixed with 100 milliliters of olive oil. The mixture boils for 21/2 hours, and is filtered by pressing it and depositing it in a dark colored bottle.

For maximum benefit, the areas where you have cellulite must be massaged nightly with a mixture of chamomile oil and tincture (20 milliliters of tincture per 60 milliliters of chamomile oil). Make sure you continue to knead the area for 15 minutes.

Other Natural cellulite remedies

Did you know that some of the best home remedies for cellulite can be found in your kitchen?

Apple cider vinegar is one of the easiest solutions you can use at home. Many people have reportedly had success with it. This solution can be utilized orally as well as a skin scrub.

If you choose to drink it, just mix 2 tablespoons with a medium sized glass of water, and add a dash of honey.

For a body scrub, mix 3 parts of the apple cider vinegar with a cocoa butter oil or massage oil, then apply it one or twice a day to the area where you have cellulite. This is also great if you suffer from hay fever.