The Strassburg Sock Is The Best Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

The Strassburg sock is the best plantar fasciitis treatment

Do you suffer from planter fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis or tight calves? This can become a chronic, worsening problem if you do not do something about it immediately. But if you decide to use the Strassburg sock, all of these issues will slowly disappear.

What is the Strassburg sock? It is a medical device with two simple parts. The first part is just a tight knit sock that stretches up your calf and your knee. Then the second is a connecting strap on the outside of the sock that bonds your knee and your toes. It also pulls the toes upwards a little.

This easyto use, low cost device is designed to maintain tension on the arch tissue, also known as the plantar fascia, in order to let it heal in a stretched position at night. In this manner numerous users have found a reduction of their pain the very next morning. Many have also had the benefit of reducing the need for pain medications.

The other advantage of this type of plantar fasciitis splint is that the ankle is not sheltered into position as it is with the more mechanical type of hard brace support. This soft type of plantar fasciitis splint is also known as the good sock or simply: the sock. It really can do wonders!

The Strassburg sock is such an efficient therapy method because the results are quickly observable and yet it is inexpensive and easy to use. The sock can be worn in bed and it provides no major restrictions to regular sleep patterns. You literally help your body heal as you sleep! Also, you can combine using the sock with other plantar fasciitis treatments, such as stretching or anything else your doctor recommends.

Note that the Strassburg sock has been around for fifteen years now and has been well known to athletes, but it was due to lack of information that the rest of us did not have a chance to benefit from it as well. On our web site you can read up on valuable information about this medical device. Learn more about how it works, how you can buy it and how to use it properly to see results.

So if you suffer from planter fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis or tight calves, the Strassburg sock is one of the fastest, inexpensive and easy to use remedies around. Try it and you will not be disappointed.

If you have any further questions, ideas or comments about this remarkable and innovative product, do not hesitate to contact our specialized staff. We believe in this product because we use it!

How To Choose Men's Pants To Flatter Your Build

How to Choose Men's Pants to Flatter Your Build

Short Torso/Long Legs You may need a shorter rise with a longer pants inseam. Low rise, traditional cut or low rise, boot cut are your best options. If you are short, then flat front pants work best for you. Tall men can wear pleated pants or flat front pants.

Smaller Waist, Pronounced Rear, Big Thighs Pleated pants will give you more room in the thigh area. Look for a long rise and full cut pants.

Conclusion Whether you are short, tall, slim, portly or somewhere in between, there is a style of men's dress pants that is right for you. If you have a difficult time finding store-bought pants that fit in a flattering cut and style, find a good tailor and have them altered. Or, better yet, have your pants custom made. This is often the most cost effective solution (when you consider the cost of the pants plus alteration fees) and you will have a much wider selection of fabrics and styles to choose from than you would off-the-rack.

Hormones Cause Us To Have One Of Four Different Body Shapes

Hormones Cause Us To Have One Of Four Different Body Shapes

There are four unique body shapes, each influenced by hormones. This is the first principle of "The 7 Principles of Fat Burning".

Many don't realize their body shape is affected by hormones. Most people you will ask will tell you that they get their body shape purely because of genetics and that they can't change "what their Mama gave them". Truthfully the underlying problem is hormonal imbalance. They could use some fat burning hormones.

These 4 unique body shapes are the result of accumulated fat deposited at different locations around the body caused by hormonal imbalances. These outward body shapes are not typically desirable, and are usually a sign of a problem happening inside your body.

It is because of hormones that fat is deposited to these various regions of your body. Let's take the stress hormone Cortisol for example. A pregnant appearance is the result of the stress hormone Cortisol depositing fat around your midsection. Fat around your hips and thighs is a result of the hormone Estrogen. Most women know about this all too well - cellulite!! You can get clues from what body shapes you might be about what is going on with your body.

Individual hormones are responible for deciding where to place fat on the body. What body shape we end up with is the result of hormonal distortions.

As most of you know fat is mainly put on our bodies because it is a secondary reserve for energy. We would need to have an endless intake of food for energy if not for our fat reserves. Otherwise we'd have no energy at all. The primary fat is sugar and do we all know this one well.

Your body loves to hold fat around your vital organs which are stressed (this is very dangerous) because it is acting to protect your body against starvation. Most expectant Moms will accumulate fat around their hips and thighs because the body wants to make sure they have plenty of extra fuel for the baby that will make his or her appearance to the world soon.

The various body shapes we all have are the result of specific glandular problems with one of 4 organs: adrenals, ovaries, thyroid, or the liver.

The Body Type Diet addresses all of these problems with body shapes because it will target each body shape with a unique diet program. This will allow for maximum weight loss.

How many times have you seen a man and his wife on the same diet? He has a pot belly and she has thunder thighs but they are still eating the same foods. One is doing well while the other is faltering. This will not happen with a tailored body type diet to address individual body shapes. Each and every person should eat and exercise for his or her specific gland weakness as reflected in what body shapes they have.

Adrenal body shape: adipose tissue surrounding the organs in the abdomen.

Ovary body shape: estrogen cellulite fat, superficially located under the skin and below the bellybutton.

Thyroid body shape: a totally different type of fat. The weight is deposited all over the person's body and is not really fat but more of a waste-like substance that accumulates between the cells.

Liver body shape: Usually caused by fluid leaking into the abdomen and not actually because of fat at all.

Erase Your Back Pain - Home Remedies For Sciatica Pain

Erase Your Back Pain - home remedies for Sciatica pain

The internationally acknowledged educator, university professor and publicized writer Malton Schexneider PT, MMScy, is an active expert in the area of spinal rehabilitation and considered by his profession as a Master Clinician. This implies that he is accepted as being in the top 5 percent of all physiotherapists, worldwide. Malton Schexneider has successfully diagnosed and cured more than 30,000 sufferers of both back and neck pain with his Erase Your Back Pain program, formulated through the application of 25 years of knowledge gained through his work in the field of orthopedic physical therapy.

If you are a slave to neck or back pain and have hit upon this article in your hunt for a permanent cure for your suffering, please allow yourself time to understand more about the Erase Your Back Pain program. You have probably heard the expression: "it may well change your life forever" but let me assure you that, in this case, the expression is completely valid. How can I say this? Because, a few months ago, I decided to try the Erase Your Back pain program in an attempt to heal a herniated cervical disc and my improvement since has been "life changing".

Malton has used his 25 years of experience of treating more than 30,000 sufferers of neck and back pain, and produced a brand-new home treatment plan called "Erase Your Back Pain". The system features a 90 success rate of permanently curing pain symptoms associated with the afore-mentioned spinal conditions!

So what makes the Erase Your Back Pain program such an effective treatment for neck and back pain sufferers everywhere? After all, wouldn't they need to journey to the United States to call in on Malton Schexneider at his personal clinic, in order to take advantage of this radical and fresh approach to permanently curing back and neck pain? The reply is "No" because now the Erase Your Back Pain program is available, globally, via the World Wide Web.

However, be assured that the Erase Your Back Pain program is no "one size fits all" approach to treating the masses. The truth is that everyone's neck and back pain is particular to them and only by addressing the patients personal symptoms can an answer to their pain be established. The Erase Your Back Pain program is tailor-made to the particular patient; the program provides for for the diligent consideration of the patient's medical history which includes the unique demeanor of their particular symptoms.

The Erase Your Back Pain Program does not require drugs or supplements and gets straight to the root of the problem to effectively eliminate it once and for all. When you order the Erase Your Back Pain Program; Malton Schexneider will need you to email particulars of your medical history and pain symptoms, via an online questionnaire. You'll also be expected to provide 4 photographs: one each of your front and back and one of each of your sides, so that your posture may be appraised.

How come this information is required? For effective treatment of your neck and back pain the inherent cause of your symptoms must be known and treated. To exemplify the importance of treating everybody on a case-by-case basis, it is worth hearing what Malton Schexneider has to state on the issue: "I can not set about working with you until these forms are filled out. I understand it is a bit of a hassle, but it is perfectly essential for you to experience the outcome that you desire. When I receive the data, I will commence the meticulous process of assembling your custom-made program. On completion, I will mail you your full program by United States first-class mail. An on line copy will be posted on the Internet for you to access as well."

Alright, so even if you've attempted everything to heal your neck and back pain and have already reconciled yourself to surgery, do yourself the courtesy of looking at the Erase Your Back Pain Program by Malton Schexneider and you too could join the 1000´s of surgical prospects who have averted surgical procedure and who are today getting on with their lives, pain free. You owe it to yourself to discover more about Malton Schexneider's Erase Your Back pain program; I acted on his advice and I have not looked back since. Thank you for listening and please, if you are suffering from back or neck pain, do something about it today by going to the internet site address at the foot of this article! Wishing you a speedy recovery and a pain free future...

What Is The Verseo Massage System_ - Your Cellulite Removal Dream Comes True!

What Is The Verseo Massage System? - Your Cellulite Removal Dream Comes True!

You have likely come across the commercials for the Verseo Epen. The pen that can totally remove hair from any part of your body permanently. This Epen launched Verseo into the spotlight. The Epen was such a success and satisfied people throughout the country. But Verseo has successfully branched out to other expertise. They are continually seeking for methods that they can serve their customers. One of their greatest rising merchandises is the Verseo massage system.
The Verseo massage system will assist you to remove undesired cellulite. This massager is not your everyday massager. It is one of the best product that extends many unique functions. The massager has a natural contour system that could match many parts of your body. It also features a deep heat massage, and active air suction valve, and a vibrating massage.
Like all Verseo products, they select the latest technology out of the physicians office, and set it into the homes of their customers. Utilizing the Verseo massager just five minutes daily could largely scale down your unwelcome cellulite. Verseo does suggest that you utilize their massage lotion in conjuction with the massager, as well as maintain a healthy diet and drink lots of of water.
This is only one of the massage mechanisms that Verseo offers. You could also obtain one of their mechanisms that could assist with leg circulation, as well as one that scale down swelling and pain of your legs.
If you wish to remove your unwelcome to cellulite but do not want to pay an arm and a leg to do it. You should try one of the numerous gadgets that Verseo offers. The Verseo Massage System will assist you obtain the appearance you want. You could be surprised at what you could achieve in the very comfort of your own house.

How To Stop Hair Loss - Regrow Your Hair With 4 Tips

How to Stop Hair Loss - Regrow your Hair with 4 Tips

Losing hair is quite a common thing. In fact, losing 40-80 hair a day is physiologically justified and does not require any treatment or medical intervention. Such loss of hair is noticed during bathing, combing the hair, while sleeping or simply on your shirt or tops. However, the issue arises when the hair loss exceeds the said figure such as more than 100 hairs a day.

There are plenty of reasons for a person to lose hair. In order to learn how to stop hair loss, one should learn the physiology and factors that harm the hairs and hair-roots. Hair loss could be due to tension, depression, stress, anxiety or it could be due to simply heredity. Other causes include unhygienic conditions, improper washing of the hair, using chemical products for hair (such as shampoo, hair cream, hair lotion, hair oil) etc. Using hair dryer in improper way may also harm hair root and hair loss occur.

Let us learn how to stop hair loss:

How to stop hair loss tip 1: The diet plays important role in living healthy. Excessive salty, oily, junk and spicy foods may make you lost the hair and hence they are to be avoided. On the other hand, one should go for dark, green and leafy vegetables and fresh fruits (or their juices). They provide enough roughage and they are good for the intestinal health. They are also said to flush out the bodily toxins so the body remains toxin-free. Also, drinking plenty of water helps in keeping the body and hair healthy.

How to stop hair loss tip 2: There are plenty of herbs that can be used in stopping the hair loss. Herbs such as bhringaraja (Eclipta), amalaki (Indian gooseberry), mehendi (henna) etc are Ayurvedic herbs those have been used in treating hair loss since many centuries. Such herbs can be used internally as well as externally. For instance, there are some head massaging oils made up of brahmi, bhringaraja etc those are said to be beneficial as they strengthen the hair root and make hair strong enough to remain on the scalp.

How to stop hair loss tip 3: Many health care providers, especially holistic health care providers opine that holistic exercises such as Pranayama and Yoga help in strengthening the hair root and prevent the hair fall. Asanas such as sarvangasana, shavasana and shirshasana are specially designed to increase the blood flow into the brain and scalp and hence they are considered to be very beneficial in providing enough nutrients to the hair making them strong and shiny.

How to stop hair loss tip 4: Alternative therapies such as aromatherapy, acupressure, acupuncture, Ayurvedic Panchakarma, massage therapy, Chinese medicines are reported to have good effects in hair fall and hence can be adopted. Treating acu-points in a proper way is useful in preventing the hair fall.

One has to take care about their hair and it is better not to use any chemical based hair product. Also, devices like hair dryers may over dry the hair and make them brittle and hence, are to be avoided. Use herbal shampoo and soap to rinse or wash the hair and let them get a sun-dry.

How To Choose The Best Anti Cellulite Cream For Your Cellulite Problems

How To Choose The Best Anti Cellulite Cream For Your Cellulite Problems

There are many ways to get rid of cellulite but how will you know which one is the best in reducing cellulite? What are the tips to follow in choosing the best anti cellulite cream? For years, modern cosmetology is discovering different cellulite reduction treatments but still some of these treatments don't seem to work well. This is the reason why people are still searching for the best treatment in reducing cellulite.

Cellulite is a packet of fat that makes the skin look lumpy like cottage cheese. It is mostly seen on body parts like arms, legs, belly, thigh and buttocks. No one wants to have cellulite most especially women because it ruins their appearance and it also shows of being unhealthy. This is the reason why more and more people are desperate in finding the best treatment in solving their cellulite problem.

After years of studies, finally there are now anti cellulite creams to solve all cellulite problems. It is the perfect cellulite treatment that can completely eliminate cellulite without any side effects. These creams contain natural and gentle ingredients that are safe and effective for regular use. One of the best natural ingredients is Retinol that helps exfoliate the skin and likewise increases the production of collagen too.

Caffeine is also one of the best ingredients that helps melt down fat and improves blood circulation that makes the skin smooth and firm. This is the reason why manufacturers include this ingredient in their products because of its effectiveness in reducing cellulite. So when a cellulite cream contains retinol and caffeine then it is effective in treating cellulite.

And not only that, anti cellulite creams also contain antioxidants such as vitamins E and C that helps protect the skin from damage by simply getting rid of the toxins that causes the skin to dry and dimple. It also contains moisturizing agents that deeply moisturizes the skin to keep it from drying up. These are the reason why these cellulite creams sell like hotcakes nowadays because of the benefits it gives to our skin.

If you are still having a hard time looking for an anti cellulite cream then read some reviews, ratings or opinions of other cream users. This will help you decide on what works well in everybody and what doesn't. If you're still not convinced then why not try out free samples of these creams to see if it works for you. This is the best way of saving money, time and effort.

Reducing cellulite is one tough job but if you got the right data on hand, this job is very easy. You just got to have the patience because it needs continuous treatment and you got to have determination to fully eliminate cellulite. So with the use of the best anti cellulite cream, proper diet and exercise routine, say goodbye to cellulite forever.

Beauty And The Crease_ Strangest Medical Spa Treatments

Beauty And The Crease: Strangest Medical Spa Treatments

For some of us, looking good amounts to copious doses of hair gel, a quick acne wash and showering at least twice a week. But then again, there are cultures where the hand is still an acceptable substitute for toilet paper. That being said, it shouldn't be surprising that there are cultures on the opposite end of the spectrum – peoples and places that will go to mind-boggling lengths to eliminate one more wrinkle, get skin just a little bit smoother and hopefully change our innermost souls in the process. Or at least that's the hope – because why else would someone pay $200 to smear bird poop on their face?

Below is a list of some of the most certifiably crazy medical spa treatments available.

1. The Geisha Facial

The name might sound innocent enough and it might even evoke the sensual image of a traditional Chinese geisha – until you discover that the geisha facial refers instead to a unique medical spa treatment that involves dabbing powder made from dehydrated bird droppings onto your face.

Used for centuries by Asian actors and actual geishas, the treatment has recently made its trip overseas and into some of the most high-profile spas in America – ranging from the famous Shizuka Spa in New York City to the more seasonable Diamond Hawaii Resort & Spa in Maui. Paying anywhere from $150 to $250 dollars for a single treatment, spa-goers from all over have been flocking to experience the skin-softening, enriching and smoothing power of the Geisha facial, with the treatment even making an awkward appearance on ABC's morning talk show The View.

So next time you're sitting under an awning and happen to find yourself the target of some renegade bird, simply remind yourself that those droppings that just landed on your new fedora might actually be worth more than the hat itself – that's the miracle of capitalism.

2. Snake Massage

NBC's hit reality show Fear Factor may not have been the first idea to capitalize off of sticking people into a vat full of snakes – apparently some spas have been making money off of this concept for decades. The only difference is that with snake therapies, it's the people paying the spa instead of the other way around. Hailing all the way from Israel, one of the world's most famous snake spas is not so discreetly named Ada Barak's Carnivorous Plant Farm, where guests eagerly line up to be massaged by these typically dangerous and disgusting reptiles – which the owner describes as being “therapeutic.”

The massage typically costs around $80 and is said to “cure aching muscles and joints” and provide a “relaxing massage.” But as far as I can tell, the only thing keeping the snakes from being terrifying limb-less monstrosities is the price of the treatment, in which case my patented fart-sauna therapy costs $100 bucks, baby.

3. Butt Facials

Normally one wouldn't associate a butt with a facial – that is until the wonderful world of beauty spas came along and combined the two. Yes, thanks to ever-more creative ways to market beauty, there are now an increasingly popular set of beauty spa treatments that apply the same techniques used on one's face to improve the shape, skin and general posterity of one's royal cheeks. And while some of these therapies focus more on cleaning and detoxifying, other forms of the treatment aim to reduce cellulite and reshape the buttocks for a more perfect pair of buns, such as is offered by the Smooth Synergy spa in New York City which designates special therapists for work on the derriere portion of the body. And though the treatment can be expensive – running from $60 to $300 for a 90 minute session – advocates of the treatment swear to its legitimacy.

“People used to always harass me because of my large rear-end,” Stacy Santiaggo from San Francisco said. “But after receiving my first butt-facial, I was signed to a modeling gig for Vogue magazine.”

While Stacy's story might sound impressive, it is also made up. In fact, I couldn't find any evidence anywhere that 90 minutes with a good set of hands can undo the years of snacking and sitting around that ultimately shape our butts.

4. Leech Therapy

While leeches have been used for centuries to combat a variety of ailments from fever to flatulence, it's only recently that the slimy, wriggling blood-suckers have been making appearances in medical spas, and at up to several hundreds of dollars per session. Just to give you an idea of what this treatment entails, the beauty website lists the following as Procedure Highlights:

* Highly trained medical leeches (how the hell do you train leeches?)
* Shaving of the entire body before applying the leeches (I thought this was more commonly done for cancer patients)
* Patient being immersed in turpentine (Turpentine? Really?)
* Patient experiences a stinging sensation (you know, this is starting to not sound so fun)
* It causes bleeding in the patient (okay, this is definitely not fun)
* Oh! But it also makes the person look younger!

So if you're like me, you'll look over that list and take solace in the fact that only crazy people would subject themselves to such a disturbing “treatment.” Well, think again because apparently this nightmarish version of bloodletting has made its way to Hollywood and is being touted by the likes of Demi Moore.

“I feel like I've always been someone looking for the cutting edge of things that optimize your health and healing” said Demi Moore. “I was in Austria doing a cleanse and part of the treatment was leech therapy.”

Okay, I wish I were making this up – but unfortunately for the world, I'm not.

5. Swimming with the Fishes

It shouldn't surprise you that a Japanese-originated medical spa treatment showed up on this list. Instead, you should be surprised that this entire list isn't comprised of weird Japanese practices. But even so, the practice of using hundreds of tiny fish as a form of skin treatment seems to stand out above the rest of the crazy things Japanese do. This “unique” medical spa treatment has patrons “relaxing” in a tub full of fish to “clean and rejuvenate” the skin. Okay, so maybe the last line shouldn't be in quotations, but it's hard to believe that hundreds of nibbling goldfish (okay – they're not technically goldfish) could be any more productive than rubbing a luffa sponge over your legs for a few minutes.

But according to experts on the topic, the fish eat away at dead skin and leave you feeling fresh and dandy without the uncomfortable disfigurement that comes from fish like wild piranha.

So in conclusion, if you're ever feeling down about our current economic crises, perhaps you can take comfort in knowing that there's still enough money out there somewhere for some to justify paying hundreds of dollars for ridiculous treatments involving bird poop, leeches and snake baths.

The information in the article is not intended to substitute for the medical expertise and advice of your health care provider. We encourage you to discuss any decisions about treatment or care with an appropriate medical professional.

MBT Shoes Classic Forever

MBT Shoes Classic Forever

MBT shoes might seem a touch odd, cheapest MBT shoes , but they are healthy shoes. They have a lot of healthy benefits. MBT Shoes have become astonishingly successful and popular in the USA.
Reports show after 28 days use that the abdomens are tighter, thighs slimmer, greatly improved posture, and muscle tone. If you are looking for a way to shake up your work out program, and take your body bodily to the next level, MBT Shoes might be the tool to help you accomplish your dream since they are designed to exclusively tone the legs, back, and stomach.
This year, there are several styles in shoes for fitness walking. Although the choices are plentiful, one theme that seems to stick out is pro-body. The trend stems from the fact that people are realizing that the traditional walking shoe goes against human nature. That back and knee pain are a direct result of traditional shoes and the resulting issues affiliated with the fact that these types of shoes lead you to walk on flat and hard surfaces.
Some will stick with the old faithful like the MBT Sport 2 while others will search for the more stylish shoes like the Changa or the Tataga. You will have options like walking sandals for the warmer seasons, and boots for fall and winter wear. These people have a wider number of fashionable footwear for more casual wear like the Tunisha and the Tembea, while still offering more physical fitness walking related shoes like the M.Walk and the Chapa.
A better Circulation MBT shoes which will aid in weight loss and expulsion of toxins from the body leading to general over-all better health, better energy levels, and based on testimonials a possible reduction in cellulite...this is a point that can, however be debated. Boosted energy amounts can lead to better concentration and better performance during the course of the day.
Any shopper who has ever been hunting for a new pair of sneakers knows all too well that there are many alternative brands and styles to choose from. The selections available can be mesmerizing. One sub-category that has many options to choose from is walking shoes. The increase in popularity of fitness walking as a means of exercise has given way to a host of new walking shoe choices. I am happy to say though that I have found a solution to help me get the most of my walking workout routine. They may be called MBT Sneakers, which is short for Masai Barefoot Technology.
Specific shoe care must also be looked at when wearing an Womens MBT Boots as water, rain, oil and animal faeces may assist in ending the composite of the sole.
Nowadays, more and more people are purchasing these walking shoes because they have increased the line of styles and made them far more fashionable to wear. Not do you have to feel awkward wearing them in public. Taste and preference differ from one individual to another, but they have done a great job of offering styles for all walks of life and with varying needs.

The Best Way To Hide Cellulite

The Best Way To Hide Cellulite

If you are like me and have been battling cottage cheese skin, chances are you've tried just about everything to hide that cellulite. Maybe you have tried wearing specially made stockings or leggings. Maybe you never wear anything shorter than ankle length (even to bed in the middle of summer). Stop trying to hide cellulite-laden legs and thighs from the outside.

Research shows that the absolute best way to hide cellulite is from the inside, where it starts. Cellulite is simply fat cells that are able to make their way to the surface of the skin. Does that mean you are fat? Absolutely not! That is why even some skinny women get cellulite. It has nothing to do with being overweight. Developing cellulite has everything to do with damaged skin cells that can no longer hold the fat cells your body needs in their rightful place deep within the dermis. And, as they make their way to the surface, they harden the fibrous cells surrounding them, making the surface of your skin appear bumpy and lumpy.

On my quest to learn more about cellulite I found out that it is caused by several factors;
• a disruption in the blood vessels
• damage to the dermis
• water buildup outside of the cells (edema)
• fat cells that are allowed to move out of the dermis and into the epidermal layers of the skin
• a thinning of the epidermis

In order to hide cellulite, you must fix all of these problems. Otherwise the fat cells that give your thighs and butt that unsightly lumpy look will continue to move toward the surface, making your legs look even worse. Forget the girdles, leggings and stockings. Hide cellulite the natural way –from the inside!

But, if you are in a hurry for more instant results, do what I did – rub a little Cellulean onto your legs. While you are working to take care of your cellulite from deep within your body, let this new anti-cellulite lotion touted by researchers at UCLA Medical Center, tackle those surface bumps. To get a free 14-day trial log onto

Anti Cellulite Shorts_ Do They Really Work_

Anti Cellulite Shorts: Do They Really Work?

There are few things more damaging to a woman's self esteem than having noticeable cellulite. A majority of doctors will tell you that literally everyone has some degree of cellulite, but the whole "well everybody has it" doesn't usually make an individual feel better about it. And as we previously mentioned, the biggest issue for the women who are affected by cellulite is the damage that those visually unappealing fat deposits do to a person's image and feelings of self worth.

And while a plethora of different treatments have been developed and enhanced over the years, one of the most commonly used (and most well known) treatments is the wearing of anti cellulite shorts. The truth is, cellulite is caused by fat being deposited in what's called the "subcutaneous" layer of the skin pushing the skin forward, which in turn causes the awkward appearance of cellulite. What anti cellulite shorts are designed to do is gently massage the skin while being worn, breaking up the unwanted fats that are pushing the skin forward, as well as the fluids clogged up underneath. The anti cellulite shorts are also designed to act as a second set of muscles, acting as an extra boost of microcirculation.

But the question is, as it always seems to be with quick-and-easy-fix-it-products, is "Does It Work?"

Some skeptics say they don't. They argue that the cellulite shorts are nothing more than control shapewear that does little more than massage you and is ineffective against oversized fat cells.

However, by many accounts this may be nothing more than jaded skepticism. Anti cellulite shorts are scientifically tested and proven that they effectively and painlessly stimulate the fat tissues, which helps reduce their size as well as detoxify the area. They have also been proven to boost the circulation of blood in the area, which not only helps reduce the appearance of cellulite but also assists in creating a healthier you. In the words of Bill Nye, "Science Rules," and it's hard to argue against the effectiveness of anti cellulite shorts when the many scientific conclusions confirm they come as advertised.

That being said, it's important wearers don't get the impression that anti cellulite shorts will cure the problem; they are merely a treatment, albeit an effective one, and their purpose is mainly to reduce cellulite as you wear them. But throwing on a pair of anti cellulite shorts every morning under your clothes won't remove cellulite altogether.

In fact, nothing will. There's no known anti-cellulite "cure." As we mentioned earlier, everybody has cellulite, even the skinniest of people. However, the more overweight an individual is, the more visually obvious their cellulite may appear. So while anti cellulite shorts are an easy and effective way of reducing from view those unsightly "cottage cheese" bumps in ones thigh, the best way to effectively remove cellulite as much as humanly possible is to keep you in shape and reduce your body fat as much as possible.

The State Of Mesotherapy Worldwide

The State Of Mesotherapy Worldwide

Mesotherapy is a non-invasive, non-surgical cosmetic procedure. The procedure involves injecting different types of medicines, vitamins, minerals, agents and extracts into the middle layer of the skin. This is the layer of the skin where fat and connective tissue are found. This treatment injections targets fat cells and stimulates them to rupture and eventually die.

It has been found to be helpful in eliminating cellulite, aiding weight loss, and treating the skin. The procedure involves very minimal pain and discomfort to the patient. This treatment is also used for body sculpting, facial rejuvenation, and face lifting.

This was developed by Dr. Michel Pistor in 1952 in France. He was the first to perform clinical research regarding the field of this treatment. This procedure is widely used in Europe but is relatively new in Asia and the United States.It is very popular with the celebrities and the rich in Europe.

This treatment become popular as a treatment for cellulite. Due to its non-invasive characteristics, a lot of people prefer this form of treatment over other more invasive procedures such as liposuction. The various types of medications used in this treatment is helpful in cellulite reduction as these stimulate the fat cells to shed fat. A lot of people are reluctant to go under the knife. This is the reason why this kind of treatment is very popular alternative in treating cellulite.

Through this treatment,it get rid of cellulite on the buttocks, abdomen and legs. The dimpling or "orange peel" look of the skin can be smooths out by this procedure. The treatment entails multiple sessions until the desired effect is achieved. The treatments can range from ten to twenty-five sessions. Some milder cases of cellulite can be treated in less than ten sessions, however.

These treatments are tailor-fitted to each patient. Allergic reactions to substances are taken into account. So is age, weight, and extent and severity of cellulite. Each session lasts for about forty-five minutes. This can be done weekly or twice a month.

This treatment is guaranteed safe. But be sure to only deal with a reputable and well-trained physician. No serious side effects have ever been recorded due to this particular treatment, which can not be said for liposuction.

Some bruising and soreness may be experienced, and in the most serious cases these could last from one to five days. But patients can go right back to work right after the procedure. No recovery time in the hospital is necessary.

The downside of this treatment is that it is not exactly affordable -- it is an expensive procedure to undergo.Treatments usually cost from $300 to $450 per session. This is depending on the size, position and complexity of the cellulite trouble spot(s). Prices may go up if multiple areas are to be treated per session. But if you can afford the hefty fee, this treatment can prove to be one of the more cost-effective cellulite treatment methods out there -- you get more bang for your buck with it. This treatment making its way to many different parts of the world, so make sure to check if a therapist offers the service near you.

Cellulite - Gone In A Snap!

Cellulite - gone in a snap!

Cellulite is a physiological change that occurs in the subcutaneous fat layer or better known as "cottage cheese, or an "orange peel appearance". In fact 90% of all women suffer from cellulite, no matter how large or small they are.

Cellulite has also to do with your body's connective tissue. The tissue acts as a mesh to keep the fat close to the body. IT works for men but not so well for women. The connective mesh expands letting the fat bulge out.

There are materials that cause the fat cells to shrink or burn by going deep into the skin. They also contain collagen to fill up and make the skin look more smooth and supple. These creams and gels work on the cellular level. They can be applied just as a moisturizing cream about twice a day and produce amazing results. Apart from this, these products contain vitamins and minerals to revitalize and the skin and make it healthier. Generally these creams contain aminophylline.The aminophylline causes the fat cells to shrink by causing them to release lipid fat particles. Also, they may contain caffeine which causes the fat cells to dehydrate. By applying the cellulite products, fat particles are excreted from the cells and are prevented from re-entering, thus dramatically improving the skin's elasticity and reducing the unsightly appearance of cellulite.

A new study looked at whether applying a fat reduction cream containing aminophylline worked. Participants with a high BMI were asked to follow a strict 1200Kcal diet. Additionally some of the participants were told to rub 0.5% aminophylline cream on their waist twice per day.By the 12th week, the participants were examined. All had their waist size reduced but those using the cream lost more fat.

It's better to look for those products containing anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories. Also extremely effective in fighting cellulite are ingredients such as caffeine, retinal, adiposlim, or aminophylline. Key ingredients bring blood to the surface and improve circulation which plumps up the skin.

In contrast to this, treatments like liposuction (surgery to remove fat) and mesotherapy (injection of drugs into cellulite) are either expensive or may produce only temporary improvement. Liposuction is designed to remove deep fat instead of cellulite which is close to the skin. Liposuction is also considered unsafe.

When you don't have time for fitness, a self application product is a good option to lose unwanted fat. It also does not involve any surgery or injection into the body. This also allows you to concentrate on the areas which need improvement.

When you're buying a cream, always start by using the cellulite cream on a small area of your body first and be patient results may take a few weeks. Try out a body slimming cream and be a part of the revolution!

Best Cellulite Treatment - What To Do To Lose Weight Effectively

Best Cellulite Treatment - What To Do To Lose Weight Effectively

After reading, you will achieve results

It's possible for you to combine diet with resistance (toning) and cardiovascular exercise methods for effective fat loss. In the initial stages the weight loss may be very little because you will be building muscle. Don't be disheartened and give up - the physical changes in your bodies appearance will prove to you that it's working. This can take some time so having patience will do you the world of good.

It's quite easy to burn off a few pounds in just one or two weeks with a little bit of cardio each day. The aim here is to get your muscles working, but be careful not to overdo it. To begin with do about 30 minutes of fast paced exercise per day. You can literally do anything from using a cross trainer, jogging, sprinting, jumping jacks or squat thrusts. All you have to do is keep active for 30 minutes a day and make sure that your food intake is high enough to fuel this calorie burn.

You can mix diet with resistance (toning) and aerobic exercise for effective fat burning. In the beginning stages the weight you lose may be very little because you will be building muscle. Don't be disheartened - your change in bodies appearance will prove to you that it's working. This can take a while so having patience is essential.

It's not hard to lose a few pounds in about 10 days with a little bit of cardio every day. The key here is to work your muscles and increase your heart rate, but not to overdo it. Just do about 30 minutes of fast paced cardio per day. This can be anything from using an exercise bike, jogging, sprinting, jumping jacks or squat thrusts. All you have to do is keep active for 30 minutes a day and ensure that you eat enough food to fuel this calorie burn.

You can combine diet with resistance (toning) and aerobic exercise for effective fat burning. In the beginning stages the weight loss may be minimal because you will be building up muscle. Don't be disheartened and give up - your change in bodies appearance will prove to you that it's working. Bare in mind that this can take a little time so having patience will do you the world of good.

A lot of people have a terrible addiction to sugar, or worse, artificial sugar (aka high fructose corn syrup). This can come from an addiction to something like caffeine. You can replace foods that are high in sugar with fresh fruit. As for drinks, why not substitute fizzy drinks for other soft drinks that are low in sugar. You'll still love the flavour, whilst eliminating the negative effects associated with these types of food and drink.

You can easily burn off a few pounds in just one or two weeks with a little bit of exercise every day. The key here is to get your muscles working, but be careful not to overdo it. To begin with do about 30 minutes of fast paced cardio per day. You can do anything from using a rowing machine, jogging, sprinting, jumping jacks or squat thrusts. All you have to do is keep active for 30 minutes a day and make sure that you eat enough food to fuel this calorie burn.

It's important to eat a well balanced diet. By depriving your body of fats or another food group, you will cause the body to go into survival mode and store any existing fat, making weight loss more difficult. This is one of the most common mistakes people make. To reach your goal, you need to be on a healthy, balanced diet.

Best Cellulite Creams - Natural Remedy For Cellulite Treatment

Best Cellulite Creams - Natural Remedy For Cellulite Treatment

Cellulites are a most obnoxious appearance on the surface of your skin. However, your skin appearance looks having cellulite lends it an ugly look. Cellulites are actually bumps formed due to lumps of fat molecules stored into the epidermal layer. These cellulites give dimpled appearance to your skin. The most prone areas to cellulite in our body are thighs, inner thighs, underarms, waist, buttocks, and neck.

Fat cells under the skin layer get filled with excessive amount of fatty molecules which leads to the appearance of lump on your skin surface. These lumps can degrade into the form of burning sores, reddened skin, itching, bad odor, and bleeding if not taken into consideration on time.

Recent studies have shown that the top rated and best cellulite cream has proven itself as one of the most efficient means of getting rid of those awful cellulite appearances from your skin. A good cellulite cream review will unveil why a certain cream gets rated as the best. The best cellulite cream helps in tightening the skin in affected areas and gives a shiny appearance to the surface of the skin. It renders a healthy and smoother look to your body parts affected with cellulite sores and lumps.

Now, there is no more upset over ugly looking bumps on your legs and other parts of your body. You don't need to worry about flaunting your body at the beach or avoid wearing skin revealing outfits. Using the best cellulite cream you can stay calm and be comfortable wearing any dress of your choice.

You might have come across several cellulite cream reviews online which brag about the 100% guarantee of cellulite removal. Do not give into hoax advertisements and reviews as they may be harmful for your body cells on longer run. Know that the best cellulite cream has been tested scientifically and will show results from the research.

Some of the benefits that you will reap from the application of a top rated cellulite cream on the cellulite affected areas of your body:
• It reduces cellulite sores and bumps naturally
• It is tested and verified by medical experts and dermatologists
• It has no side-effect on your body.
• It is applied topically i.e. on the outer layer of the skin so does not pose any harm to inner workings of the cells and tissues.
• It helps in eliminating the bad odor caused due to the sores and bleeding. Also, it is pleasant in smell
• You need not require any prescription from dermatologist. This is available at any store directly
• It is made from organic ingredients with no artificial chemicals involved. Natural ingredients are absorbed by the skin and starts acting on cellulites instantly

Mesotherapy -- Fat Burn And Cellulite Treatment In One

Mesotherapy -- Fat Burn And Cellulite Treatment In One

Many people think that body fat and cellulite mean the same things, when they are actually different. Body fat comes from an intake of excess calories, and can be addressed with a healthy, low-calorie diet and some regular exercise. Cellulite is something else -- even skinny women can get it, and sometimes no amount of exercise seems to get rid of the last bit of "orange peel" skin.

Cellulite is simply fat and water accumulated under the skin, stretching connective tissue fibers and bloating the skin in certain areas. Cellulite mostly affects areas like the thighs, arms, buttocks, and tummy, and they can be pretty embarrassing for some people. To them, cellulite creams and a healthy lifestyle can only do so much, and the only recourse seems to be expensive surgery or liposuction.

This is where mesotherapy comes in. This treatment is a relatively new cellulite treatment method -- it is been practiced in South America and Europe for several decades, but only recently made it to other parts of the world. This treatment is a sort of "middle ground" cellulite treatment, since it is not just topical and it does not go as far as surgery.

In this treatment session, a specialist uses a gun or a syringe to deliver several quick, shallow injections of a medicated mixture into the cellulite-affected skin. The mixture is made up of vitamins, minerals, medications, and maybe even some herbal ingredients that the therapist uses. The mixture targets the fat cells under the skin, causing them to die or release their fat contents into the bloodstream for disposal.

This treatment holds the potential to get rid of cellulite completely, even without the help of a balanced diet and regular workouts. As it burns the underlying fat, it also tightens and smooth-ens the skin above it, erasing any sign of cellulite after several sessions.Of course, every cellulite treatment has a downside. This treatment can be uncomfortable for people sensitive to needles, and the tight, pin-pricking sensation can stay with you for the rest of the day after a session. While most people will not feel a thing, it is still worth considering if your pain tolerance is not something to brag about.

This treatment can also be expensive -- it can cost upwards to $400 per session, and you will need at least three sessions before you can see any substantial results. But to most people, this is often worth it -- mesotherapy is very quickly gaining approval among cellulite specialists around the world.

Another downside to mesotherapy is that you will need to adopt a healthier lifestyle after you decide to stop undergoing sessions. Like most therapies, the effects will only stay with you as long as you stick with the program. This treatment is no different -- if you want the effects to stay, you will have to find some sort of treatment that will keep up it is benefits long after you leave the clinic.

On the upside, more and more people are discovering the amazing efficiency of a few mesotherapy sessions. It is the fastest way to get rid of cellulite without going under the knife.

Help Save Your Thighs_ The Unstretched Fact About Cellulite Creams

Help Save Your Thighs: The Unstretched Fact About Cellulite Creams

Dimples inside your cheeks? Not so cute if we're discussing your other ones. Blotchy self-tanners, pricey lipo, invasive lasers... women check out all varieties of solutions and potions to smooth out their cellulite. One of the most accessible treatment, even though, is cellulite cream. Many of those merchandise promise to melt aside inches out of your thighs and hips, firm and contour your pores and skin right into a taut expanse, and refine and reduce your imperfections. You can find higher-finish brands and drugstore brands; gels, lotions, and crèmes; and botanical ingredients that variety from white tea to black pepper. Which of these brews really should you try out? How do you understand that a certain ingredient will do the job? How the heck does a cream get rid of cellulite?

Cellulite creams work on the floor of one's skin tone. There's no miracle lotion that you can put in your thighs to eat away the cellulite, but creams work by lifting and smoothing the floor of one's pores and skin to lower the physical appearance in the wretched skin tone puckering. Cellulite could be the accumulation of body fat, fluid, and poisons trapped right into a community of collagen and elastin fibers inside deeper levels of one's pores and skin. It forms since blood vessels underneath your epidermis get destroyed, weakening the outer layers within your pores and skin. Extra fat travels directly to these spots and settles in, developing a hill and valley effect. The dense extra fat also decreases circulation towards the outermost layer of dermis, which provides you white, ripply, cold fish epidermis. Ew! Most women are much more vulnerable to cellulite mainly because they carry a better percentage of system fats than adult males do, but even skinny ladies have cellulite. Really, health professionals say that 90% of ladies previous puberty have it, so it isn't going to make any difference when you're overweight, common, and even super thin. Your genes engage in a lot more of a component in orange peel thighs than anything at all else, despite the fact that a diet-deficient diet regime and high strain ranges also consider.

So convey on the fix! Medical doctors say that the two most important and productive ingredients in a very cellulite lotion are caffeine and retinol. These ingredients enable the outer layer of your respective pores and skin business up to assist relieve the bumps. The other ingredients in cellulite creams are there to strengthen the glance of your skin. They smooth the surface, lower any stretch marks, and give you that all round "little one's butt" softness. When browsing by means of the different creams, you'll come across ingredients like Par Elastyl and collagen, which are firming brokers, ginkgo, natural tea, soy, horse chestnut tree extract, all which tone your skin, and a variety of pepper extracts to grant your pores and skin that "get up and glow."

The formulation of the cellulite product should be a particular decision. There are creams that contain ingredients that may make your skin color tingle, like cinnamon, mint, cucumber, and also other plant extracts. This tingle is supposed to help boost circulation for the area and give your cheeks a flush. You will uncover that most of these creams possess a mild, refreshing, and energizing scent meant to grant you a choose-me-up.

Cellulite creams also come in unique textures. The gels absorb quickly in the skin tone and generally make your skin color come to feel tighter quite quickly. You can find lightweight lotions that go on like standard system lotion and don't really feel greasy. Then there are the prosperous emollient crèmes that should be rubbed into skin tone quite nicely to stop oil slicks on your own clothes. This formulation is greatest ahead of bedtime. You can find even creams that include paraphernalia to help help in absorption. Some provide a distinctive mitt to rub the cream into your epidermis and there is certainly even a brand name that contains a distinctive pair of neoprene shorts to put on in excess of your cellulite lotion.

Cellulite creams is often incredibly expensive, but you will discover manufacturers which might be offered in drugstores which can be just as successful. Just how much you spend is determined by what formulations, scents, accessories, and excess ingredients work very best available for you. Several doctors say that pricey manufacturers don't necessarily function much better mainly because the creams consist of identical ingredients, but if you like a selected scent or texture of the cream, go for it! No matter what kind of cellulite lotion you buy, use your cream in accordance on the directions about the bottle or tube. Most therapies instruct you to rub on at the least once each day. As with most skin tone treatment options, you will not notice a transformation instantly. It can be the cumulative effect in the treatments that could create one of the most dramatic modify, so do use the cream at least the moment a day, and be consistent! It's the massaging motion that can make the big difference amongst an effective cellulite fighter plus a useless tube of entire body lotion.

Don't forget, cellulite product is not a miracle cure. You will find people that never ever see any additional optimistic effect from their therapies than they would from rubbing cocoa butter on their pores and skin. Creams are not able to increase your metabolism or seep into your deepest layers within your skin color to alter your cellulite; but they could assist your bottom appear tighter and banish the lumpy mattress glimpse eternally. Usually, the texture of the skin tone will improve dramatically prior to your cellulite will--the lush ingredients in cellulite treatments are excellent for skin tone even when they do not give good results for the cellulite. As well as nevertheless it truly is possible to find out a big big difference, not often will cellulite hundred% disappear. Your lotion really should offer you the strengthen to boost your diet plan and exercise habits, a tingle that is usually the kick in the pants that you choose to have to have.

Anthrax Treatment

Anthrax Treatment

Anthrax is an acute infectious disease that exists in animals and can by transmitted to humans. Caused by Bacillus anthracis, Anthrax, primarily affects farm animals such as goats, hogs, sheep, horses. In the majority of these cases the disease is fatal. To simply how the disease works: Bacillus anthracis creates toxins that cause fluid to accumulate in the body's tissues and kill cells.

Typically Gastrointestinal anthrax will begin with symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and fever, and can then be followed by abdominal bleeding, tissue death, and septicemia.

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The National Science Foundation is funding The Institute for Genomic Research (TIGR) to sequence to 8 X coverage the genome of the Bacillus anthracis strain used in last falls attack on a Florida publishing company. TIGR previously sequenced the genome of a more common strain of B. anthracis. Sequence comparisons may help pinpoint the Florida strain's source and determine whether its genome had been manipulated to increase its virulence.

In the book Sledgehammer, Dr. Paulo J. Reyes describes a Smallpox outbreak, and how rapidly the disease can spread, the potentially devastating effects of air-borne contaminants, and the potential for extremely large numbers of fatalities. The point in writing the book, according to Reyes, is to bring to light the high potential for bioterrorist attacks in the United States and to demonstrate how critical it is to develop emergency response strategies to handle the delivery of medicines and the medical treatment.

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Powerful antibiotics can suppress the immune operate and negatively have an effect on friendly flora leading to an overgrowth of yeast or different pathogens. Tests on Silver show that it will not cause the same facet effects.

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Levaquin levofloxacin is part of the fluoroquinolone group of oral medications prescribed to treat acute bacterial sinusitis, acute bacterial exacerbation of chronic bronchitis, noscocomial pneumonia, community-acquired pneumonia, complicated skin and skin structure infections, mild to moderate uncomplicated skin and skin structure infections, chronic bacterial prostates, urinary tract infections and acute pyelonephritis caused by Escherichia coli, also known as E. coli, which is an infection affecting the lower intestines of humans and highly associated with food poisonings in the United States.

Cellulite Reduction Options To Get Rid Of Cellulite

Cellulite Reduction Options To Get Rid Of Cellulite

Cellulite has plagued women the beginning of time, or more accurately, when swimsuits became common; and it has indeed caused embarrassment and self esteem issues to ladies. No, this does not only mean women who are middle aged and closing on menopause – even young women are plagued with this condition, too. Who can blame them, as cellulite can be described as lumpy parts that are similar to cottage cheese, stuck in buttocks, thighs and legs.

Cellulite refers to fat deposits pushed against pockets of skin; as a result it tends to become bulge making the lumpy, even dimpled orange peel look, Common to women than men within ages of 35 and up. You can check if you have cellulite in your buttocks, or thigh region by pinching and pulling the skin up, if a obvious fat and lumpy part comes out, it is possible that it is cellulite.

As these fatty deposits become a nuisance to women, modern age has developed certain approaches in dealing with condition:

Non surgical approach

There are ways to eliminate cellulite in the body the non-invasive way. It requires a change in the diet and activity routine of a person. First off, a change in diet is necessary.

As cellulite is made of excess fats, you need to prevent and eliminate fat consumption. Avoid high-fat, obviously, high calorie and high carbohydrate food since these transforms to fat when not used by the body. Pick foods high in fiber and roughage, which have the ability to bind with fat in your digestive system and expel through defecation.

With proper diet comes exercise to aid in the burning of excess fats, a lot of cardiovascular activities, such as aerobic exercises and some weight training, these will do wonders if done regularly.

You can combine exercise and diet with some herbal supplements such as Indian gooseberry, eclipta, guggulu and so on. These ingredients aids in ridding fat in the body. Then there cellulite creams available in the market, the Procelix and Revitol cellulite creams are two of the top creams last 2010.

Surgical approach

Modern advances have made cellulite removal possible through surgical procedures; this includes laser treatment and liposuction. Be sure to consult with your physician about the procedures.

Treating Lymphedema, Varicose Veins, And Deep Vein Thrombosis With Compression Therapy Stockings

Treating Lymphedema, Varicose Veins, and Deep Vein Thrombosis with Compression Therapy Stockings

Compression therapy is the wearing of leggings woven to produce a level of compression to the calf and thigh to support those who need a professional medical answer for blood clots, edema, poor blood flow, and blood pooling in the lower limbs. Some are more susceptible to these ailments, especially when seated or in periods of lengthy inactivity, for instance, extented air travel.
First, before going over compression treatments, we should differentiate between "Graduated Compression Stockings" and "Anti-Embolism" leggings. These are two distinctive products!
Graduated, or "gradient" compression leggings have a level of compression that starts with the greatest compression at the ankle, with slightly lower degrees of compression up the leg.
Anti-embolism leggings, also known as TED Stockings or TED Hose (Thrombo Embolic Deterrent) have an important difference from graduated compression stockings.
The compression on a pair of TED Stockings possess consistent compression from the ankle to the leg. For this reason, they can assist in circulation of blood and lymph body fluids in the legs to help prevent clots from forming. (Venous Thrombosis)
Below are some medical reasons where compression therapy garments are recommended:
Lipodermatosclerosis - A skin associated condition, possibly caused by venous disease, where the layer of body fat beneath the skin gets irritated. It can lead the way to ulceration if not treated, and is most common in middle-aged women.
Chronic Peripheral Venous Insufficiency (CVI) - CVI is a condition where defective or dysfunctional blood valves are unable to push oxygen-poor blood back to the heart. It's typically in the leg, and common in females as well as males who have experienced leg injuries. Compression stockings, in some cases, have been used to stimulate proper blood flow.

Varicose Veins - Varicose veins are undesirable veins visible through the epidermis. They are triggered by valves in the vein not meeting up properly when the blood pumps, buckling to the stress and resulting in the blood to flow down with gravity. They can be painful and itchy, and scratching them may trigger sores to form. There are many treatments available for varicose veins, both therapeutic and surgical. A medical doctor who specializes in vein care, known as a phlebologist, can provide the best treatments. Often, compression stockings are encouraged by a physician to reduce pain, cease inflammation, and improve blood circulation.
Lymphedema - AKA "Lymphatic Obstruction", this condition is when the lymphatic system swells due to fluid retention. The liquid is normally returned to the blood and recirculated to tissues, but with lymphedema, this fluid builds up, causing swollen limbs, tiredness/fatigue, and if not taken care of, deformities. Lymphedema is often hereditary, caused by a jeopardized lymph node system, or after a surgical procedure that compromises the lymph node system.
Prevention of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) - DVT is a blood clot condition affecting an estimated 350,000 Americans annually. It's a clot that forms deep in legs, familiar among many post-surgery patients, regular air travelers, hormonal contraception,and obesity. Compression stockings help prevent DVT and ultimately defend against its deadly counterpart, pulmonary embolism (PE).

Athletic Activity - During any kind of jogging, swimming, kickboxing, biking, golfing, or any athletic exercise, the legs and leg muscles are working hard. Any time the calves and thighs get sore, it is common for lactic acids to build up in the muscle tissue. Putting on lower compression 15-20mmHg sports compression socks has been demonstrated to assist speeding up recovery times and reduce swollen, achy legs.
Getting Compression Stockings, Socks, and Hosiery Prescribed by Doctors
If you have a background or experiencing symptoms of the above conditions, you should consult a vein specialist and/or your doctor before self- prescribing any compression stockings. While the majority of healthy men and women can wear 15-20mmhg grade compression stockings, anything greater such as 30-40mmhg can do more damage than good in some individuals, such as artery obstruction or blood pooling in parts of the leg. Always consult a health care professional before managing with high compression!
Basically, doctors will assess the Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) - which must be >1.0 to wear compression stockings. A doctor or registered nurse can size the proper fit for your medical leggings; precise sizing is important to ensure optimum medical benefit. If you require a greater level of compression, your physician will know and recommend a level of compression appropriately.

Body Cellulite_ It's Multiple Causes Along With Several Treatment Choices

Body Cellulite: It's Multiple Causes Along With Several Treatment Choices

Cellulite refers to the fat stored on specific body parts especially on the abdomen. Cellulite has the appearance of cottage cheese or orange peelings just beneath the skin.

Cellulite made up of fat can be seen below the skin's surface. Cellulite doesn't just appear on those who are heavy and actually there are a lot of thin people who still get it on their breasts, thighs, bellies, and buttocks.

Cellulite may be caused by the following: Genetics - People who inherit family genes relating to members who have had cellulite are more prone to get it. Women who have cellulite commonly have relatives with the same issue. More than 80% of women have relatives with the same characteristics.

Lack of exercise - People who do not exercise need to tone their muscles to prevent cellulite formation. Exercise programs can keep you from getting cellulite. Some of the exercises you can do to get rid of your cellulite are walking, jogging and swimming.

Poor eating habits - Unhealthy food together with excess consumption of alcohol, caffeine or spicy foods are closely linked to cellulite formation. The human body can become unable to rid itself of the toxins certain foods produce when too much of these foods are eaten, and so the toxins become stored within the fatty tissue. Experts recommend 8 glasses of water everyday instead of caffeine or alcoholic beverages.

Smoking - It is widely unknown that smoking can cause the formation of cellulite. Choking your capillaries and creating danger to the connective tissue it will abate your skin. That is the reason why cellulite develops under the skin.

Signs of cellulite may be reduced or eliminated. A very healthy diet, including lots of water can help; the toxins are expelled from the body. Toning exercise also helps reduce signs of cellulite too.

There are countless cellulite remedies offered in any drug store. Some of them are the following: People who are suffering from excessive cellulite and have the need to eliminate them as soon as possible resort to liposuction. This acts to remove the fat cells from the body with invasive surgery. However liposuction has side effects but it gives a better result. So there are so many consumers.

Therefore, many people who can't afford or aren't brave enough to undergo liposuction tend to use cellulite creams that are comprised of herbs, minerals, antioxidants, and enhancing vitamins. The remedy for damaged and dehydrated cellulite-affected body parts are these creams they provide needed moisture and increase the blood supply. Such creams are not getting good reviews since they only demonstrate small results over several months.

However, the results look good for cellulite lift. That is a great procedure especially for those who've lost a lot of weight and now have excess skin folds. The most invasive way to restore firm skin is cellulite lift. It has both advantages and disadvantages. The scarring can be severe and the time taken to return to normal can be quite lengthy.

Laser Lipolysis is another alternative method of treatment. This technique was developed in Italy. This is done by inserting fiber-optic laser through small incisions on the target body part. This laser absorbs more than 500 grams of body fat.

A major issue for many Americans today is cellulite. If you utilize the methods, tips and strategies provided, you may be able to be free of cellulite. Get an amazing, beautiful body in no time by learning how to fight it.

Acne Control By Use Of Cosmetic Or Pharmaceutical Products

Acne Control by Use of Cosmetic or Pharmaceutical Products

One usually achieves acne control by the constant use of cosmetic or pharmaceutical products with a topical anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Herbal extracts, salicylic acid, bezoyl peroxide are just a few examples of common anti-acne products, yet such treatments give adverse reactions too. They can be very irritant with a potentially damaging effect on the healthy skin. It is therefore wiser to choose a gradual acne control method as a means of preventing further tissue damage.

Tretinoin is a product praised for good results in the acne control. It acts by the peeling of the superficial skin layer and causes a pores de-congestion. The problem with tretinoin is that it actually makes acne worse at first before coming to clear it. Among the side effects of the treatment we can count skin scaling, stinging, swelling or flushing. You can choose from gels, facial lotions, creams and foams that contain tretinoin, but remember to administrate them carefully.

Adapalene represents another acne control treatment form that is available prescription-based. The big merit of this medication is that it keeps the pores free of toxins, but it is accompanied by adverse reactions like skin swelling, irritation, local dryness and itching. It is an absolute must to remain under professional observation during the use of this acne-control product, particularly when you have to take antibiotics too as a complementary form of support.

Cosmetic treatments deserve credit for solving lots of skin problems and helping one develop acne control. The only difficulty with cosmetic items is that they can aggravate or camouflage acute acne outbreaks doing more damage than good to the skin. Thus, it is important to avoid all products that contain oil, stearic acid, lanolin or petrolatum since these will actually clog the pores and create the right environment for the development of acne. Alcohol is preferable to oil, but the highest quality is attributed to water-based cosmetics.

Acne control brought by wonder products is often hard to believe, and it's wise to remember that prevention works miracles for the skin look. Proper information on how to care for zits so that skin healing can be complete and without scars is of paramount importance. Also pay attention to the diet rules related to skin health: you'll be surprised to see that the low quality food you may be eating is causing lots of skin troubles afterwards.

Why So Much Talk About Dead Sea Products_

Why so Much Talk about Dead Sea Products?

It seems as though many I've talked with lately who use products made from Dead Sea salts and minerals, came upon the products accidentally. One customer who was recently in Jordon ran out of her normal lotion on her trip. She picked up some lotion made from Dead Sea minerals at her hotel. Little did she know at the time but would soon become hooked on the amazing nature of the products.

This is nothing new. Since the age of Cleopatra, the soothing and healing benefits of Dead Sea minerals have been no secret. For most of us we don't have the luxury to go to the Dead Sea and experience this first hand. So, manufacturers from the area are crafting products that we can use in the comfort of our home that give us the benefits from these salts and minerals.

What are products made from the Dead Sea? The Dead Sea region is considered to be the area between Jordon and Israel. It is the lowest inhabited place on earth. Because of the unique conditions the region offers, the sea contains a diverse number of minerals. These include Magnesium (salts), Potassium, Calcium and Bromide. The Dead Sea contains the highest combination of mineral compared to any other body of water on earth.

Scientists have been able to extract these mineral and formulate them into products that stimulate our skin's cells allowing it to "heal" itself. Bathing has become a necessary evil in our daily routines. We must shower to keep clean so that our family and co-workers can be near us but in the process we are washing away natural oils produced by our skin and causing it to dry out. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of our skin in other ways.

What makes Dead Sea Products so special? The all natural nature and the fact that these products are not tested on animals are two big reasons to put these products on the top of your list! But putting all that aside, being able to use these products in your home is revolutionary. If you were able to go to a spa at the Dead Sea you are going to pay between $50 and $100 for once facial. For much less than that, you can treat your skin on a regular basis using a combination of a mud mask, a facial cleanser, toner and a moisturizing cream..

What types of products are there? Common believed benefits from Dead Sea Salts and Minerals include the following: acne fighting, alleviation of effects from Psoriasis and Eczema, Anti-Wrinkle and Anti-Aging through collagen stimulation, cellulite creams as well as the general maintenance and revitalization of your skin.

You might think these products are only for women. But men are now finding the Dead Sea products to provide supreme benefits to their skin as well. Products that include anti-aging, after shave balms, lotions for problem areas like hands and feet as well as other products are specially formulated for a man's body.

I promise if you try out any number of these extraordinary Dead Sea Products, you will never use another product line again!

Envya Swimsuits_ Tips For Selecting The Right Bathing Suits

Envya Swimsuits: Tips For Selecting The Right Bathing Suits

Envya is one of the market leading manufacturer as well as suppliers of kids, women and men's swim suits. Having been in the market for close to 2 decades, Envya has managed to perfect the art of swimsuit design. In this article, Envya swimsuit offers tips on how to choose the best swim suits to complement your body type.
Tip #1: Lessen the Emergence of Love Handles
In spite of how beautiful and sexy a woman might seem to be, there is nothing that can make a woman feel not only less attractive, but off-putting like love handles. Hence, when shopping for bathing suits, it is important to look for designs and styles that do not bring out your love handles. But, the million dollar question is, “how do you choose the right type of swimsuit that conceals your love handles?”

First and foremost, you need to try as much as possible to steer clear of tight-fitting bathing suits. Close-fitting bathing suits will only function in squeezing and pushing your loose skin up, thus exposing your love handles. The best swimsuits are those that fit well without appearing too baggy.

Perhaps one of the reasons why most people tend to find it hard to find a bathing suit that complements their body types is because most swimsuits accessible in the market are designed as one-size-fits-all. But this is not the case with Envya swimsuit. The designers took into consideration the fact that not all women have the same build.

Consequently, you can be rest assured that you will find something that best suits your body type when you choose to buy Envya swimwear.
Tip #2: Lessen the Emergence of Cellulite

Just because you have a curvaceous figure does not mean that you have to contend with wearing a shirt when at the beach. There are bathing suits that can bring out your figure without exposing your saddlebags or cellulites. The type of bottom selected will determine whether your cellulites are exposed or not. Therefore, you need to pay attention when selecting the type of bottom to go with your bikini top.

In case you are trying to portray a slim but yet curvaceous image, you need to pay special attention to the length of your legs. This is especially important if you are petit. If you have long legs, you will appear slimmer in your bathing suit in spite of your body size.

As was the case when selecting a bikini top that fits you well without making your tummy to protrude out, avoid bikini bottoms that are tight-fitting. Other than bringing exposing your cellulite, tight-fitting bikini bottoms also function in creating rubber band marks round your thighs. This in turn enhances the flabbiness of your bottom.

On the other hand, if you would like to make your legs appear longer than they are, opt for high-cut bikini bottoms. Nevertheless, if your desire is to conceal your cellulites, then these are not the best bikini bottoms to purchase.

There are numerous online stores like Amazon and eBay from which you can find Envya swimsuit at reduced prices.

Father-Son Duo Finds Success With Massage Envy In New Jersey

Father-Son Duo Finds Success With Massage Envy in New Jersey

When Sol Glastein made the decision to move forward with the purchase of not only one, but two Massage Envy Spas in New Jersey, he relied on his unique experience, impressive education and his son for help. Now he and his son operate the Massage Envy Spas located in Closter and Waldwick, New Jersey and have a common goal of providing health and wellness to all at an affordable price.

Glastein got his start in the franchise world early on in his career. After receiving his BA from Rutgers University and an MBA in finance and accounting from Columbia University, he went on to work at a restaurant chain, soon becoming the vice president of operations at the young age of 27. During this time, his father, who had been a supermarket owner in Manhattan, had recently opened up a new food store concept in New Jersey. Glastein watched it grow and after four years, he decided to leave corporate and go into business with his father.

Glastein said partnering with his father was a fluid process. "We became partners right away; he wanted to see his son succeed, so we worked very well together," he said. Eventually, the business became his, which he later owned with his own son. After many years of owning upscale food chains in northern New Jersey, Glastein and his son decided to move on to something new.

"Massage Envy was the first account that my son was interested in," said Glastein. "I went and got a massage and I enjoyed it, but most importantly, I saw a health and wellness concept combined with a recurring revenue model."

Looking at Massage Envy as a whole, Glastein makes a valid point saying that no single Massage Envy has closed during these hard economic times. In fact, the opposite has happened. "The clinics across the board are ahead of last year's numbers," he said. "It is a real testimonial to the model because it is sound and will strongly succeed."

Massage Envy is constantly looking at ways to provide health and wellness services to the public, which is another reason it has sustained such prestige during these difficult economic times. "Massage Envy provides professional, affordable and convenient health and wellness services to public," said Glastein. "We have taken a concept that had only been looked upon for the elite and we have created an environment where people can get treatments quickly and effectively in a great environment."

Massage Envy Closter is located at 117 Vervalen Street in Closter, New Jersey. For further information on the services offered at this location, visit or call (201) 784-3333.

Massage Envy Waldwick is located at 26 Franklin Turnpike in Waldwick, New Jersey. For further information on the services provided at this location, visit or call (201) 689-8400.

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How To Reduce Appearance Of Cellulite

How To Reduce Appearance Of Cellulite

The occurrence of cellulite is undoubtedly disappointing for many. It is a very unpleasant skin condition, which is why many sufferers try many ways to reduce the appearance. Women in particular are very sensitive with cellulite issues, and it is embarrassing to go around with very obvious cellulite. Cellulite is more likely to develop in the arms, tummy, and thighs -- parts of the body that easily show.

There are plenty of reasons why cellulite forms. Let us find out the various causes to determine the appropriate treatments.

Reason 1 - Cellulite can be inherited. Women coming from families prone to cellulite have the tendency to develop it as well. Cellulite often develops during the teen years, mostly around the ages of 14 or 15. Some women also develop cellulite after childbirth.

Reason 2 - Food is also a big factors for cellulite formation. The intake of foods containing caffeine or alcohol triggers the formation of cellulite. Unhealthy eating is the key word -- Junk food and other toxin-developing morsels encourage cellulite to develop.

Reason 3 - The use of sleeping pills, diet pills, oral contraceptives, and weight control tablets also triggers the formation of cellulite. The production of estrogen is the reason why these medicines encourage the development of cellulite. These medicines also increase toxin levels in the body, which only adds to the problem..

Reason 4 - A stick of cigarette can affect body systems harshly -- a single stick contains quite an amount of harmful chemicals. A smoker is prone to lung and heart diseases, and their skin looks unhealthy and dry. Cigarette users are known to develop cellulite more readily than no smokers.

Reason 5 - Water is an important element that helps cleanse the body. Most of the body toxins can be eliminated with enough water. Not drinking enough water during the day leads to the buildup of toxins, which encourages the development of cellulite.

It is easier to avoid cellulite if you know how they occur. But if you are having trouble with cellulite already, you may want to try these simple treatment methods:

Treatment 1 - Follow a good, healthy diet. Your diet should include fresh foods with very little harmful toxins. It is always advisable to eat food prepared at home instead of those in fast food chains. Canned goods are not advisable either.

It is also a good idea to eat foods that flush out toxins from the body. You can do your own research to find such foods that can fit in your diet. Multivitamins are good too, since they help reduce the formation of cellulite.

Treatment 2 - Drink at least 7-8 glasses of water daily. This helps flush out toxins that aggravate cellulite.

Treatment 3 - Stop smoking, in case it is a habit. Cigarette smoking is bad for the health, as you have probably heard millions of times before. If you continue smoking, it will be next to impossible to reduce appearance of cellulite.

If you think your cellulite is a serious problem and you are looking for a fast solution, it would be best to see your doctor for treatment. On the other hand, if you have the patience to take things one step at a time, you can religiously follow the suggested methods above.

Top Ways To Choose An Acne Medication Regimen That Works

Top Ways To Choose An Acne Medication Regimen That Works

Choosing the right acne medication can make the difference between finding a regime that works and one which helps nothing or even makes the condition worse.

If you have ever had the experience of acne, you are well aware that finding a sure fire way to fight acne can be difficult or sometimes impossible. Acne medication is available for many of the common acne types, but you must do your part and stick with common sense activities that will improve or eliminate the symptoms. If more serious treatment is required, it should be done under the direction of a qualified medical professional. He or she will be able to help you determine the type of acne involved and the best way to fight stubborn cases.

Physical treatment

Acne medication can and usually does include physical treatment for various aspects of the condition. For example, cleansing and exfoliation are often encouraged even if the lesions are light or sporadic. The cleansing agents help to make physical treatment very mild in implementation. There is never a harsh chemical or even harsher scrubbing of the skin with the optimum acne medicine. Cleaning is important, but mild cleansers with warm water and salicylic acid won't hurt the skin surface, yet still help to wash away dead skin cells and the oils that may be clogging your pores. This means less dead cell buildup, thus less harmful bacteria on the skin surface.

Blue Light

Blue light or high intensity therapy is a type of acne medication that is recognized as a legitimate method of killing the bacteria that causes acne. While the treatment is not something that is taken internally or rubbed on the skin, it is known for effective reduction of the types of acne conditions that have not responded to other types of treatment. Blue light therapy should not be confused with ultraviolet light treatments that were used in the past. UV light can be harmful to the skin and is no longer used in acne remedies.

Oral Medication

Oral antibiotics are one of the most common types of acne medication. The antibiotic chosen by your dermatologist is likely to depend upon the severity of the condition. Oral medication is generally used when the condition is moderate to severe. Oral antibiotics work by reducing the population of P. Acnes bacteria. The link between this type of bacteria and outbreaks of the skin related lesions is undisputed and the treatment has been popular for many years. Dosage for the oral medication generally starts out with a high dosage that is reduced as the condition resolves.

Topical Medication

Topical medication is generally used in instances where the acne outbreaks are mild or sporadic. The acne medication is rubbed on the skin with the intent of reducing the count of P. acnes bacteria found on the skin surface. The topical medication can be used by themselves or in combination with oral meds. Some find topical medications to be less desirable because of the messy feel and look when putting the formula on the skin. Some of the topical medications will only be applied directly to the lesion and thus would be a medication for 'emergency' measures.

Easy Anti Cellulite Treatments

Easy Anti Cellulite Treatments

Cellulite can be defined as lumpy substance that resembles cottage cheese and is commonly found on human parts such as buttocks, stomach and thighs. More specifically, the term is used to describe deposits of any material (generally fats) trapped in pockets of connective tissues that are situated just under the skin. Cosmetically, such condition is responsible for a progressive bulky appearance with creases and layers of fats that are visible even from the distance.

Cellulite is basically a modernized term for collections of the fat that push against the connective tissues those are just located under the skin resulting into dimpling or pucker or appearing like extra tires. One can check such condition by just pinching the skin around the upper thighs. If you pinch and you get some lumpy thing, the body might have cellulite. Cellulite is more common in women as compared to the men especially in the women above 35 years. However, nowadays, it is also getting common in adolescent girls and young women. This condition affects 80% of women and, with the passing of time, progressively worsens and gives rise not only to physical problems, but also to psychological ones as well.

Causes of cellulite include hormonal changes during puberty, during pregnancy and pre/post menopausal periods. Certain anomalies, overproduction of estrogen, disturbance in endocrine functions etc can also increase fat storage in the body and finally result into cellulite. The person with sedentary lifestyle that lacks of exercises and physical activities is also susceptible to have cellulite.

Excess consumption of saturated fats and sugary items, poor hydration etc. also contribute housing unwanted layers of the fats many where in the body that can later appear as cellulite. Poor blood circulation and poor lymphatic flow can also cause cellulite according to some health experts.
There are many components that contribute in deciding the degree or stage of the cellulite condition in the human body. Some of them that have great impact on having this condition include genes, gender and the amount of the fats you have on your body. Cellulite also depends upon how thick your skin is and what is your age.

How to Get Rid of Cellulite ?

There are many ways to treat cellulite. Physical activities such as exercises, strict diet and giving up sedentary lifestyle help a lot reducing fat and cellulite condition from the body. There are some ultramodern techniques such as laser therapy; liposuction etc can drastically reduce cellulite and other fatty layers from the body. Health advisor agree that aerobic exercises and certain strength training are two of the best tools to win battle against cellulite.

Some of the herbal supplements such as Guggulu, Eclipta, Garcinia, Indian gooseberry etc are good as health supplements that help reducing the body weight and those extra layers of the fats. One should take care while wearing clothes and shoes since poorly fitted apparels and footwear can also result into poor blood circulation and finally can result into cellulite condition.

You should also give up certain high-calorie, high-fat and high-carbohydrate diet that can turn into fats and can get stored in the body. You should include fiber or roughage in the diet that is having �fat binding� capacity and can bind fats present in the intestines and can expel them out with feces.

New Review Site On Best Tanning Lotions Launched

New Review Site On Best Tanning Lotions Launched

A new review on some of the best rated tanning lotions in the market has just been launched. When buying tanning lotions, there are several factors that a consumer must consider. This site makes it easy for anyone to make a buying decision. In addition, the website also lists all the latest auctions from eBay so that web visitors can enjoy the best prices.

Factors to Consider.

1) Location of tan.

Tanning can take place either indoors, or outdoors. When an individual wants to get a tan outdoors, then outdoor tanning lotions must be used. That is because such lotions contain important ingredients that will help protect the skin from harmful UV rays. Prolonged exposure to the sun with inadequate protection can cause damage to the skin. Of course, for indoor tanning, some of the best indoor tanning lotions are reviewed on the website.

2) Fragrance of tanning lotions.

Tanning lotions come with many different types of fragrances. It's certainly better to have a tan while smelling good than to have a tan with a fragrance that is detestable. This is a subjective issue. For example, a lady may prefer a more feminine smell, while a male may prefer a more masculine smell. Such information is readily available on the website so that potential buyers can narrow down their choices very quickly.

3) Nature of tanning lotion.

Some tanning lotions are naturally more oily than others. Usually, such lotions leave a greasy feeling on the skin after use. When buying such lotions, consumers tend to consider other benefits. For instance, does the tanning lotion helps to moisturize the skin? Does it contain additional ingredients that will help protect the skin? Some tanning lotions do contain important vitamins that will help nourish the skin while the tan is taking place. That is like killing two birds with one stone.

4) Natural ingredients.

Lately, tanning lotions that are produced from natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera or Hemp Seed Oil are gaining in popularity. Consumers who have used such products have nothing but good reviews on them. They claimed that after using the lotions, their skin feels softer and smoother. Apparently, the lotions help to moisturize the skin for hours during the tan. Ingredients like Aloe Vera has long been known to help reduce cellulite and restore the youthful looks of skin. Natural ingredients will help a consumer get a nice tan without having to worry about the side effects of unknown chemicals.

5) Price.

Finally, there is the issue of price. A good bottle of tanning lotion usually cost within the range of $30 to $50. High end lotions can easily cost more than $50 a bottle. The website makes it easy for a visitor to shortlist a few brands, and then make a purchase online immediately.

Prices from the latest auctions on eBay are listed right below the tanning lotion reviews. A quick glance and the visitor will be able to decide whether to participate in the auction or not. Purchasing lotions by making price comparisons can help the visitor save as much as 30 to 50 percent off the actual retail price.

The reviews include many of the major brand names such as Whisper, Worship Me, Paint It Black 50X, Designer Skin Spellbound and more.

The Mbt Shoe -a Clumsy, Weird Looking Celebrity Hype_

The Mbt Shoe -a Clumsy, Weird Looking Celebrity Hype?

The MBT shoe is one of the latest trends on the market (well, it has actually been on it for almost ten years already, but it's not until the last couple of years that the hype has started seriously among everyone from the staying at home moms to the Hollywood celebs). Why? How come?

It's been called the world's smallest gym, because it's supposed to bee good for toning and shaping your body, as well as rehabilitation for knee, hip, and muscle injuries and problems. The shoe works like this: when walking in normal shoes on mostly hard surfaces, it takes a toll on our body. The MBT shoe has four in built soles that creates a new way of using your body when walking. You use the whole foot from sole to toe. You know the feeling when you're walking on sand? A bit like that. That way of walking takes away restraint on knee and hips, as well as activating a lot of neglected muscle groups.

This idea came from the Swiss engineer Karl Muller, who had suffered from severe back pain for years. In his research he discovered that The Masai people, that are famous for their straight up posture and gait, didn't seem to have any back problems. Even if they walked barefoot carrying heavy barrels of water for long distances. And they where always barefoot. How could this be? It turned out to be the surfaces they where walking on. Walking on uneven, different surfaces is really very good for your body and creates a variation in your way of using it. We in the west, mostly walking on hard, flat ground, like concrete and pavements, creates a monotone body movement that actually wears the body muscles and ligaments out. So what Karl Muller did was to create a shoe that imitates the sensation of walking on uneven surfaces. And the MBT was born.

What I was really interested in, was that is supposed to be SO effective to eliminate cellulites. Could this really be the truth? I decided to do a test. Would I see any improvement if walking with MBT shoes for two months? I used them every day, walking to and from work; all together a walk for 40 minutes. And I used them during the day at the office as much as I could. I also used them on the weekends doing the everyday shores like playing in the yard with the kids, cleaning the house, etc. The first week I noticed that my muscles got sore, a good sign, I thought, that proves that it activates the muscles like it promises. Another nice side effect was that my posture improved; and I didn't get as tired in my back at the end of the day as I used to. So far so good. Well, on the cellulite part, I could really see a difference after a month. I have quite al lot of cellulite on my legs, from ankles to hips, and always had problems gaining muscles on my legs.
Even in periods when I was really skinny, I had a lot of fat and cellulite and little muscle mass on my legs. And now for the first time in years (giving birth to three children haven't really reduced the cellulites either), I could really see a difference! Inspired by this, I started to do some power walking a couple of times a week, with the MBT's, of course. And the difference in two months where really eye striking. Not all gone, but gone on my lower muscles below the knees, as well as my upper thighs on the back. The buttocks had much less cellulites then before.

I have reckoned that if keep walking for another two moths in these shoes, it will be gone on my front thighs and the sides as well!

I have to say I was sceptical, REALLY sceptical, but they have been really doing the job. Of course, you have to wear them every day. I figure twice a week hardly will do the trick, but to use them in your everyday life is what does it. The price might leave you with a bit to think about, though. But then again, it might be worth investing in your health a bit.