Anti Cellulite Shorts_ Do They Really Work_

Anti Cellulite Shorts: Do They Really Work?

There are few things more damaging to a woman's self esteem than having noticeable cellulite. A majority of doctors will tell you that literally everyone has some degree of cellulite, but the whole "well everybody has it" doesn't usually make an individual feel better about it. And as we previously mentioned, the biggest issue for the women who are affected by cellulite is the damage that those visually unappealing fat deposits do to a person's image and feelings of self worth.

And while a plethora of different treatments have been developed and enhanced over the years, one of the most commonly used (and most well known) treatments is the wearing of anti cellulite shorts. The truth is, cellulite is caused by fat being deposited in what's called the "subcutaneous" layer of the skin pushing the skin forward, which in turn causes the awkward appearance of cellulite. What anti cellulite shorts are designed to do is gently massage the skin while being worn, breaking up the unwanted fats that are pushing the skin forward, as well as the fluids clogged up underneath. The anti cellulite shorts are also designed to act as a second set of muscles, acting as an extra boost of microcirculation.

But the question is, as it always seems to be with quick-and-easy-fix-it-products, is "Does It Work?"

Some skeptics say they don't. They argue that the cellulite shorts are nothing more than control shapewear that does little more than massage you and is ineffective against oversized fat cells.

However, by many accounts this may be nothing more than jaded skepticism. Anti cellulite shorts are scientifically tested and proven that they effectively and painlessly stimulate the fat tissues, which helps reduce their size as well as detoxify the area. They have also been proven to boost the circulation of blood in the area, which not only helps reduce the appearance of cellulite but also assists in creating a healthier you. In the words of Bill Nye, "Science Rules," and it's hard to argue against the effectiveness of anti cellulite shorts when the many scientific conclusions confirm they come as advertised.

That being said, it's important wearers don't get the impression that anti cellulite shorts will cure the problem; they are merely a treatment, albeit an effective one, and their purpose is mainly to reduce cellulite as you wear them. But throwing on a pair of anti cellulite shorts every morning under your clothes won't remove cellulite altogether.

In fact, nothing will. There's no known anti-cellulite "cure." As we mentioned earlier, everybody has cellulite, even the skinniest of people. However, the more overweight an individual is, the more visually obvious their cellulite may appear. So while anti cellulite shorts are an easy and effective way of reducing from view those unsightly "cottage cheese" bumps in ones thigh, the best way to effectively remove cellulite as much as humanly possible is to keep you in shape and reduce your body fat as much as possible.