The Mbt Shoe -a Clumsy, Weird Looking Celebrity Hype_

The Mbt Shoe -a Clumsy, Weird Looking Celebrity Hype?

The MBT shoe is one of the latest trends on the market (well, it has actually been on it for almost ten years already, but it's not until the last couple of years that the hype has started seriously among everyone from the staying at home moms to the Hollywood celebs). Why? How come?

It's been called the world's smallest gym, because it's supposed to bee good for toning and shaping your body, as well as rehabilitation for knee, hip, and muscle injuries and problems. The shoe works like this: when walking in normal shoes on mostly hard surfaces, it takes a toll on our body. The MBT shoe has four in built soles that creates a new way of using your body when walking. You use the whole foot from sole to toe. You know the feeling when you're walking on sand? A bit like that. That way of walking takes away restraint on knee and hips, as well as activating a lot of neglected muscle groups.

This idea came from the Swiss engineer Karl Muller, who had suffered from severe back pain for years. In his research he discovered that The Masai people, that are famous for their straight up posture and gait, didn't seem to have any back problems. Even if they walked barefoot carrying heavy barrels of water for long distances. And they where always barefoot. How could this be? It turned out to be the surfaces they where walking on. Walking on uneven, different surfaces is really very good for your body and creates a variation in your way of using it. We in the west, mostly walking on hard, flat ground, like concrete and pavements, creates a monotone body movement that actually wears the body muscles and ligaments out. So what Karl Muller did was to create a shoe that imitates the sensation of walking on uneven surfaces. And the MBT was born.

What I was really interested in, was that is supposed to be SO effective to eliminate cellulites. Could this really be the truth? I decided to do a test. Would I see any improvement if walking with MBT shoes for two months? I used them every day, walking to and from work; all together a walk for 40 minutes. And I used them during the day at the office as much as I could. I also used them on the weekends doing the everyday shores like playing in the yard with the kids, cleaning the house, etc. The first week I noticed that my muscles got sore, a good sign, I thought, that proves that it activates the muscles like it promises. Another nice side effect was that my posture improved; and I didn't get as tired in my back at the end of the day as I used to. So far so good. Well, on the cellulite part, I could really see a difference after a month. I have quite al lot of cellulite on my legs, from ankles to hips, and always had problems gaining muscles on my legs.
Even in periods when I was really skinny, I had a lot of fat and cellulite and little muscle mass on my legs. And now for the first time in years (giving birth to three children haven't really reduced the cellulites either), I could really see a difference! Inspired by this, I started to do some power walking a couple of times a week, with the MBT's, of course. And the difference in two months where really eye striking. Not all gone, but gone on my lower muscles below the knees, as well as my upper thighs on the back. The buttocks had much less cellulites then before.

I have reckoned that if keep walking for another two moths in these shoes, it will be gone on my front thighs and the sides as well!

I have to say I was sceptical, REALLY sceptical, but they have been really doing the job. Of course, you have to wear them every day. I figure twice a week hardly will do the trick, but to use them in your everyday life is what does it. The price might leave you with a bit to think about, though. But then again, it might be worth investing in your health a bit.