Hormones Cause Us To Have One Of Four Different Body Shapes

Hormones Cause Us To Have One Of Four Different Body Shapes

There are four unique body shapes, each influenced by hormones. This is the first principle of "The 7 Principles of Fat Burning".

Many don't realize their body shape is affected by hormones. Most people you will ask will tell you that they get their body shape purely because of genetics and that they can't change "what their Mama gave them". Truthfully the underlying problem is hormonal imbalance. They could use some fat burning hormones.

These 4 unique body shapes are the result of accumulated fat deposited at different locations around the body caused by hormonal imbalances. These outward body shapes are not typically desirable, and are usually a sign of a problem happening inside your body.

It is because of hormones that fat is deposited to these various regions of your body. Let's take the stress hormone Cortisol for example. A pregnant appearance is the result of the stress hormone Cortisol depositing fat around your midsection. Fat around your hips and thighs is a result of the hormone Estrogen. Most women know about this all too well - cellulite!! You can get clues from what body shapes you might be about what is going on with your body.

Individual hormones are responible for deciding where to place fat on the body. What body shape we end up with is the result of hormonal distortions.

As most of you know fat is mainly put on our bodies because it is a secondary reserve for energy. We would need to have an endless intake of food for energy if not for our fat reserves. Otherwise we'd have no energy at all. The primary fat is sugar and do we all know this one well.

Your body loves to hold fat around your vital organs which are stressed (this is very dangerous) because it is acting to protect your body against starvation. Most expectant Moms will accumulate fat around their hips and thighs because the body wants to make sure they have plenty of extra fuel for the baby that will make his or her appearance to the world soon.

The various body shapes we all have are the result of specific glandular problems with one of 4 organs: adrenals, ovaries, thyroid, or the liver.

The Body Type Diet addresses all of these problems with body shapes because it will target each body shape with a unique diet program. This will allow for maximum weight loss.

How many times have you seen a man and his wife on the same diet? He has a pot belly and she has thunder thighs but they are still eating the same foods. One is doing well while the other is faltering. This will not happen with a tailored body type diet to address individual body shapes. Each and every person should eat and exercise for his or her specific gland weakness as reflected in what body shapes they have.

Adrenal body shape: adipose tissue surrounding the organs in the abdomen.

Ovary body shape: estrogen cellulite fat, superficially located under the skin and below the bellybutton.

Thyroid body shape: a totally different type of fat. The weight is deposited all over the person's body and is not really fat but more of a waste-like substance that accumulates between the cells.

Liver body shape: Usually caused by fluid leaking into the abdomen and not actually because of fat at all.