How To Choose Men's Pants To Flatter Your Build

How to Choose Men's Pants to Flatter Your Build

Short Torso/Long Legs You may need a shorter rise with a longer pants inseam. Low rise, traditional cut or low rise, boot cut are your best options. If you are short, then flat front pants work best for you. Tall men can wear pleated pants or flat front pants.

Smaller Waist, Pronounced Rear, Big Thighs Pleated pants will give you more room in the thigh area. Look for a long rise and full cut pants.

Conclusion Whether you are short, tall, slim, portly or somewhere in between, there is a style of men's dress pants that is right for you. If you have a difficult time finding store-bought pants that fit in a flattering cut and style, find a good tailor and have them altered. Or, better yet, have your pants custom made. This is often the most cost effective solution (when you consider the cost of the pants plus alteration fees) and you will have a much wider selection of fabrics and styles to choose from than you would off-the-rack.