Top Ways To Choose An Acne Medication Regimen That Works

Top Ways To Choose An Acne Medication Regimen That Works

Choosing the right acne medication can make the difference between finding a regime that works and one which helps nothing or even makes the condition worse.

If you have ever had the experience of acne, you are well aware that finding a sure fire way to fight acne can be difficult or sometimes impossible. Acne medication is available for many of the common acne types, but you must do your part and stick with common sense activities that will improve or eliminate the symptoms. If more serious treatment is required, it should be done under the direction of a qualified medical professional. He or she will be able to help you determine the type of acne involved and the best way to fight stubborn cases.

Physical treatment

Acne medication can and usually does include physical treatment for various aspects of the condition. For example, cleansing and exfoliation are often encouraged even if the lesions are light or sporadic. The cleansing agents help to make physical treatment very mild in implementation. There is never a harsh chemical or even harsher scrubbing of the skin with the optimum acne medicine. Cleaning is important, but mild cleansers with warm water and salicylic acid won't hurt the skin surface, yet still help to wash away dead skin cells and the oils that may be clogging your pores. This means less dead cell buildup, thus less harmful bacteria on the skin surface.

Blue Light

Blue light or high intensity therapy is a type of acne medication that is recognized as a legitimate method of killing the bacteria that causes acne. While the treatment is not something that is taken internally or rubbed on the skin, it is known for effective reduction of the types of acne conditions that have not responded to other types of treatment. Blue light therapy should not be confused with ultraviolet light treatments that were used in the past. UV light can be harmful to the skin and is no longer used in acne remedies.

Oral Medication

Oral antibiotics are one of the most common types of acne medication. The antibiotic chosen by your dermatologist is likely to depend upon the severity of the condition. Oral medication is generally used when the condition is moderate to severe. Oral antibiotics work by reducing the population of P. Acnes bacteria. The link between this type of bacteria and outbreaks of the skin related lesions is undisputed and the treatment has been popular for many years. Dosage for the oral medication generally starts out with a high dosage that is reduced as the condition resolves.

Topical Medication

Topical medication is generally used in instances where the acne outbreaks are mild or sporadic. The acne medication is rubbed on the skin with the intent of reducing the count of P. acnes bacteria found on the skin surface. The topical medication can be used by themselves or in combination with oral meds. Some find topical medications to be less desirable because of the messy feel and look when putting the formula on the skin. Some of the topical medications will only be applied directly to the lesion and thus would be a medication for 'emergency' measures.