The State Of Mesotherapy Worldwide

The State Of Mesotherapy Worldwide

Mesotherapy is a non-invasive, non-surgical cosmetic procedure. The procedure involves injecting different types of medicines, vitamins, minerals, agents and extracts into the middle layer of the skin. This is the layer of the skin where fat and connective tissue are found. This treatment injections targets fat cells and stimulates them to rupture and eventually die.

It has been found to be helpful in eliminating cellulite, aiding weight loss, and treating the skin. The procedure involves very minimal pain and discomfort to the patient. This treatment is also used for body sculpting, facial rejuvenation, and face lifting.

This was developed by Dr. Michel Pistor in 1952 in France. He was the first to perform clinical research regarding the field of this treatment. This procedure is widely used in Europe but is relatively new in Asia and the United States.It is very popular with the celebrities and the rich in Europe.

This treatment become popular as a treatment for cellulite. Due to its non-invasive characteristics, a lot of people prefer this form of treatment over other more invasive procedures such as liposuction. The various types of medications used in this treatment is helpful in cellulite reduction as these stimulate the fat cells to shed fat. A lot of people are reluctant to go under the knife. This is the reason why this kind of treatment is very popular alternative in treating cellulite.

Through this treatment,it get rid of cellulite on the buttocks, abdomen and legs. The dimpling or "orange peel" look of the skin can be smooths out by this procedure. The treatment entails multiple sessions until the desired effect is achieved. The treatments can range from ten to twenty-five sessions. Some milder cases of cellulite can be treated in less than ten sessions, however.

These treatments are tailor-fitted to each patient. Allergic reactions to substances are taken into account. So is age, weight, and extent and severity of cellulite. Each session lasts for about forty-five minutes. This can be done weekly or twice a month.

This treatment is guaranteed safe. But be sure to only deal with a reputable and well-trained physician. No serious side effects have ever been recorded due to this particular treatment, which can not be said for liposuction.

Some bruising and soreness may be experienced, and in the most serious cases these could last from one to five days. But patients can go right back to work right after the procedure. No recovery time in the hospital is necessary.

The downside of this treatment is that it is not exactly affordable -- it is an expensive procedure to undergo.Treatments usually cost from $300 to $450 per session. This is depending on the size, position and complexity of the cellulite trouble spot(s). Prices may go up if multiple areas are to be treated per session. But if you can afford the hefty fee, this treatment can prove to be one of the more cost-effective cellulite treatment methods out there -- you get more bang for your buck with it. This treatment making its way to many different parts of the world, so make sure to check if a therapist offers the service near you.