Mesotherapy -- Fat Burn And Cellulite Treatment In One

Mesotherapy -- Fat Burn And Cellulite Treatment In One

Many people think that body fat and cellulite mean the same things, when they are actually different. Body fat comes from an intake of excess calories, and can be addressed with a healthy, low-calorie diet and some regular exercise. Cellulite is something else -- even skinny women can get it, and sometimes no amount of exercise seems to get rid of the last bit of "orange peel" skin.

Cellulite is simply fat and water accumulated under the skin, stretching connective tissue fibers and bloating the skin in certain areas. Cellulite mostly affects areas like the thighs, arms, buttocks, and tummy, and they can be pretty embarrassing for some people. To them, cellulite creams and a healthy lifestyle can only do so much, and the only recourse seems to be expensive surgery or liposuction.

This is where mesotherapy comes in. This treatment is a relatively new cellulite treatment method -- it is been practiced in South America and Europe for several decades, but only recently made it to other parts of the world. This treatment is a sort of "middle ground" cellulite treatment, since it is not just topical and it does not go as far as surgery.

In this treatment session, a specialist uses a gun or a syringe to deliver several quick, shallow injections of a medicated mixture into the cellulite-affected skin. The mixture is made up of vitamins, minerals, medications, and maybe even some herbal ingredients that the therapist uses. The mixture targets the fat cells under the skin, causing them to die or release their fat contents into the bloodstream for disposal.

This treatment holds the potential to get rid of cellulite completely, even without the help of a balanced diet and regular workouts. As it burns the underlying fat, it also tightens and smooth-ens the skin above it, erasing any sign of cellulite after several sessions.Of course, every cellulite treatment has a downside. This treatment can be uncomfortable for people sensitive to needles, and the tight, pin-pricking sensation can stay with you for the rest of the day after a session. While most people will not feel a thing, it is still worth considering if your pain tolerance is not something to brag about.

This treatment can also be expensive -- it can cost upwards to $400 per session, and you will need at least three sessions before you can see any substantial results. But to most people, this is often worth it -- mesotherapy is very quickly gaining approval among cellulite specialists around the world.

Another downside to mesotherapy is that you will need to adopt a healthier lifestyle after you decide to stop undergoing sessions. Like most therapies, the effects will only stay with you as long as you stick with the program. This treatment is no different -- if you want the effects to stay, you will have to find some sort of treatment that will keep up it is benefits long after you leave the clinic.

On the upside, more and more people are discovering the amazing efficiency of a few mesotherapy sessions. It is the fastest way to get rid of cellulite without going under the knife.